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Hey [mbr_db_first_name], welcome to the Ginger City!

So glad to have you here! 

Watch the welcome video below with site tour, to help you find your way around.  
Then read below the video for the next steps, and have fun exploring! - Ranya

Next Steps:

1. Read the Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy

Please look them over. We care about your privacy, and we want you to feel comfortable using the site! In continuing to use this site, you acknowledge agreement to our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy. Let us know if you have any questions about them.

2. Check out the live class times

Under the Live Classes tab you can check out the upcoming live meeting times - for classes and Q&A sessions - and add them to your digital calendar. Set reminders for yourself so you can be sure to join us live when you can! All the live sessions are linked from that one page, so it's easy to join at meeting time, AND it's easy to find the archive of that meeting after it's been held.

3. Check out the Programs tab

This is where your previously purchased pre-recorded programs as well as any newly filmed and added programs will be located. Site members will get access to all the content included in your membership, but there are also some premium programs that can be paid for separately. Check to make sure anything you purchased recently in the past is displayed - if it's not, then please contact us at with "MISSING PREVIOUS COURSES" in the subject heading, so we can get you set up! 

4. Check out the links related to the current Music of the Month you can ask Ranya your questions about the material, including providing any technique-breakdown requests in advance of the live classes, based on the videos of famous dancers shared in the current Music of the Month program page (under Programs). We send an email out about the upcoming content before it is added to Programs, so you can preview any relevant links (like famous dancer videos or lyrics translations).

5. Let us know about any site glitches, broken links, or typos!

We appreciate your bringing these to our attention, so we can fix them! Send email to with "SITE FIXES" in the subject heading (or use the Member Support contact form on this site).