Raise Your Stage Presence with Ranya Renée!

What is stage presence?

Is it something you are just born with?

Something you can develop?

Ready to use your power on any stage? (and all the world really is a stage!)

Stage presence can be a pretty loaded topic, especially if you don't feel you can rely on your own stage presence under pressure to perform. I used to feel this way, even though I had been acting since childhood. I was comfortable onstage much of the time, but I couldn't rely on myself to be in the zone in every audition, or when I felt that the audience might be judging me. The fear of judgment got in the way of my presence.

Are you satisfied with your stage presence?

Do you feel that you have a lot to offer, but that it's not coming across when you perform?

Are you sometimes totally "on" and in the zone, but then sometimes totally "off"?

Raise Your Stage Presence is a presentation and discussion course, which will be delivered March 15, 2020 (see below), as a live webinar, with accompanying pre- and post-webinar discussions in the Ginger City website forum. It will give you mindset and physical exercises to proceed towards a more impactful onstage presence. (Everyone who signs up also gets access to the recording of the webinar).

We'll dig into the idea of stage presence itself: What stage presence entails, how it's created, and why tools such as breathwork and eye contact help... but also why they're not enough. I will be sharing a model for building your stage presence through understanding your role onstage and understanding your relationship to your audience... on ANY stage, and how you can create the stage itself, as well as your presence on it, using a combination of mental and physical tools.

It's not just part of performing: stage presence is in fact something we need for everyday life. Even non-performers need stage presence for interacting with people in public, or even in private. Whether they label it as such or not, everyone knows they need that magic "it" factor in order to succeed. If you notice the times in your life you need some stage presence to reach your goals, like getting someone's attention in a store or restaurant, bravely confronting a work colleague over some problem, or making it through security at the airport, you will see that it is not always on the traditional stages. You'll see it's everywhere, and that it's worth paying attention to how it works... not just what it is. It's something you can practice in everyday life.

What does stage presence mean to you? 

This course will give you mindset-based and physical tools to proceed towards a more impactful onstage presence. Between now and the live webinar (March 15 2020 1:00pm EDT - New York time - will be recorded for you to watch or rewatch after), Ranya will be providing emails and leading some discussion with course members. You'll get "thinking points" to put into action, to start to work with your own stage presence in different ways, in life and onstage.

In the webinar, Ranya will be sharing a model for building your stage presence, through understanding your role on stage and understanding your relationship to your audience… on ANY stage, and how you can create the stage itself, as well as your presence on it.

You'll benefit the most by joining the course early, so you can get some simple practice exercises to start working with!

In addition to the webinar (which will be recorded so you can watch it even if you miss it live) and exercises, there will be a discussion in the Ginger City membership site forum with access for all course members. 

Join the course now to take advantage of the emails and be ready to join the discussion when we open your access to the dedicated forum. 

If you are serious about taking charge of your stage presence, you won't want to miss this course!