Performance with Purpose


With Performance with Purpose I wanted to offer something different, creative, impactful, and affordable, that helps dancers and performers claim their rightful place in the spotlight, to show up with no apologies, brave and undeniable. 

This is practical, actionable work in mindset, body positivity, and social connection, in presence and performance.

Show up STRONG this year, all year.

Dig deep.  You deserve it. WE deserve it.

If you have something to say, this is the time to say it.

Say it with your body:  with total physical commitment.

Say it to inspire others:  make a difference.

Say it with your artistic vision.

When you perform, make it count.

What is your performance purpose for this coming year?

And how will you step up and be present for it?

Step up and own the stage for real. .. and all the world’s a stage.

YOUR stage.

Perform YOUR purpose.

Do you want to...
...make a greater impact with your performance, for yourself and for others?
...give yourself power onstage, even when you may sometimes feel powerless in the face of difficulties in the "real world"?
...work on your performance skills even now, when the performing opportunities are mostly online, and it can feel so distant and artificial?

...explore how to show up in the world with meaning, ready to share, even when you are not sure about your performance path?

You can make it meaningful to yourself and to others. In this program, you can delve deeper into your purpose, and level up your confidence, engage with others, to bring new meaning to your online connections (performances AND just connecting!)....for your art, for community-building, for your teaching, for your work, and for your life.

Performance with Purpose is for...

  • Current performers
  • Former performers
  • Aspiring performers
  • Teachers
  • Presenters
  • Those who want to bring meaning to their work (or bring it BACK after feeling burned out)
  • Those who dance for confidence and fulfillment in life
  • Those who want to feel more physically and mentally confident 
  • Those who yearn for a more profound connection with their audience
  • Superstars like you! 


This supportive challenge is guaranteed to get your creative juices flowing! 
The PWP program includes:

  • 6 short, inspiring video trainings, with complementary exercises: write, draw, paint, or dance the exercises, or just think them over! How you process the information is up to you, to suit your learning style. This is mindset training for performance, to free yourself from creative blocks and step into greater confidence and presence. The trainings are bite-sized (5-10 minutes each) and get to the heart of the matter: empowering your performance with purpose.
  • Lifetime access to the video trainings and PDF worksheets in the Ginger City membership site to revisit again and again for inspiration and creative ideas to build new habits or "trends," jumpstart new work, or get yourself out of a rut in your practice
  • Reduced-rate future access ...If you return for a PWP live run next year or after: even if the base course price increases, you will only pay the modest supplement to join for another year's live meetings, live discussion, and fresh inspiration. After you join the program, you will always get the lowest rate available to join us for future PWP live runs.
  • Optional PWP VIP coaching add-on for powerful and personalized coaching that builds on the concepts of PWP.


Get immediate access to all the PWP training videos and creative PDF worksheets so you can spread out the work, or binge it! Either way, this is material you'll want to absorb and digest, and refer to again and again. 

With a prompt email each week of the program, you can take it step by step, and join in the discussion. Go over the exercises on your own time, and enjoy sharing ideas and insights with a community of fellow "inquiring-minded" dancers and teachers from all over the world, who are working through the material too.

Clarify your purpose, and how it is related to your own VALUE as a person, not only as a performer: Get what YOU want out of the performance experience, achieve what you want to achieve, do good with your art, and embrace yourself in order to do it.





Embrace your audience: Turn feelings of nervousness and fears of judgment into comfort and connection. Skillfully deal with audiences that are not your ideal (you'll learn techniques for this!). Turn them into a group you can work with, with joy and knowing confidence.

Embrace your body:  Work with what you've got, with a sense of ownership, to own yourself as you own the stage. To show up with no apologies, being your fabulous self. Because you ARE.





Embrace your personality: Own all your quirks, even the "bad stuff"... to work with yourself, as you are, and to balance your qualities for the stage. Highlight your assets, and bring a sense of ownership even to the parts you might want to hide or disguise. Find the flip side that you can love and share, and direct the audience's attention to exactly where you want it to go.

Shape your message as you convey it to an audience: In an interactive conversation between yourself, your purpose, and your audience, you will be in control of your message. Complete the circle of connection, with you in charge, embracing your power. An audience could be at a show, it could be students you are teaching, or a person you are speaking to. It could be an audience of one or of many, online or off. The exercises here serve you for your life, not only for your dance or art.





LIFETIME ACCESS to course video materials and downloadable PDF worksheets for each part of the challenge

Optional coaching available during our next live run!

  • "This challenge is helping get me thinking of how to convey meaning in my dance… Really helpful and insightful things to think about. Thank you!"
  • "Thanks a lot for your inspiring challenge. Your questions are really great to think about and play around with it, painting or drawing."
  • "This is exactly what I was looking for....I’m beyond grateful for your courses as you’re helping me deal with life, not just dance."
  • "Ranya, I really thank you for your great and empowering videos."
  • "Such amazing feedback."
  • "I loved the mini-ness of this. It was accessible in terms of time and money, but boy oh boy, was it worth it."
  • "I learned some new ideas from this challenge - some of which are still marinating as I ponder how to apply them in a performance, and had some realizations about my personality and any blockages that can manifest through my dancing and performances. Glad I did this challenge as I have been looking to go deeper in my dance lately. Thank you!"
  • "It was short, affordable and it gave me a lot to think about. It was work but also much fun to draw and use colors. Maybe I’d like to do it again, the same stuff."
  • "Thank you again for this series and all you do."


Ask additional questions using the yellow chatbot at lower right, or email to support@gingercity.com. I'll answer your PWP questions myself!

Is PWP a live program? When are the meetings?

PWP is a live program at the beginning of the year (early January). Get immediate access to the short video trainings and their printable PDFs as soon as you sign up!)  
Live meetings will be recorded, in case you can't attend live. We will offer meetings at a few times to accommodate participants from around the world.
Missed our live run? PWP is also an on-demand program that can be purchased for inspiration at any time of year! Once you purchase the PWP program, you'll have lifetime access to the program videos and PDF materials.

Does PWP include dance training? How much content is there?

The basic PWP program is mindset training. Training your brain, so it is ready for performance or sharing! So it's not dance training in the traditional sense, but it will for sure ignite your creativity! You can work with these concepts in thinking about them, taking notes/journaling, drawing/coloring/painting, visualizations. And then you can bring them into your dance. If you sign up for the PWP VIP coaching add-on, you will get feedback on your dancing with ideas on how to apply the concepts, and a chance to try out the applications and get feedback on your dance  - live and also recorded feedback from me.

The training videos are short: 5-10 minutes per day. Each day comes with a PDF that you can fill out for yourself, or draw or paint on paper or in your notebook. You have a chance to be creative! Previous participants have said that they spent about 30 minutes on each day's assignment (for 5 days of assignments), but you can spend more or less time than that, if you wish. If your time is limited, I promise you'll get a lot to think about just from each short video: The videos cover issues every performer must grapple with, on the path to feeling free and empowered to SHINE.

I have a disability or a language issue that makes participation more challenging for me, can I still participate?

We are happy to accommodate differently-abled members of the community, and also speakers of other languages than English. Please contact me at support@gingercity.com and describe what would most help you; we will do our best to make you feel welcome so you can enjoy this program. We also welcome speakers of other languages who want to discuss these deeper topics with each other in their native languages in the PWP program discussion forum. 

What is Ginger City's commitment to diversity and inclusion?

We believe people of all ages, sizes, colors, backgrounds and socioeconomic levels have the right to feel supported, and empowered. The Ginger City (including me - Ranya - and my team members) is committed to amplifying the voices, presence, and power of members of historically marginalized/underrepresented groups, including people of all gender expressions who are part of the dance community, people of color, the LGBTQIA+ community, people with disabilities, and people who identify as neurodivergent or physiodivergent. Each year, Ginger City makes available a number of equity-based partial scholarships from our matching fund for coaching programs.

The Ginger City is about self-empowerment from a place of honesty, knowledge, open-mindedness, curiosity, respect, cross-cultural understanding, and multiculturalism. We will never be a safe harbor for those who casually or explicitly spread hate or ignorance, or who support those who do. If you or anyone feels unsafe or unsupported in any of my programs, you are encouraged to reach out to me or to one of my team members privately, so we can address it with attention and discretion, and learn from it. 

Part of my work as a coach is in highlighting the underlying mechanisms of power, both onstage and in society, that hold people back for no good reason. If we better understand how human power works, then we can use that power for good, through movement, performance, allowing ourselves and others to feel safe and welcome, and spreading joy. No one should feel "less than" because of who they are. We at the Ginger City support an even playing field, including the dismantling of white supremacy, sizeism, ageism, racism, classism, nationalism, ableism, and "physiotypical" and "neurotypical" biases. We are working for change socially, by empowering dancers and movers, physically, in performance, and in the world. It is an important part of our collective purpose in the Ginger City community.

Looking forward to the journey with you!

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