These are strange times. It's an opportunity for introspection as well as online community. And also an opportunity to empower yourself to create something valuable for your teaching business during this time. I know what it feels like to have major material to share as a teacher, and to feel the pressure of needing to make it work online: I was there in 2016, I've done a lot since then, and I can help you through this process now. 

MOVING IT Online is a crash course in online teaching for dance, yoga, and fitness teachers, from my experience in online teaching, recording, and marketing over the last few years. It will be given in a webinar format with slides and video demos, plus Q&A to answer all your questions. There will be different times to accommodate different time zones, but even if you miss it, you will have access to the recording - so no worries about missing anything. Sign up today so you can vote on the times and add your questions to the content to be answered in the live meetings. 

I have priced this very affordably to enable as many people as possible to up their game right now in this field. We all have something special to offer, and we may as well do it with quality and with consideration for our students, while keeping our confidence up in this medium. I'm detail-oriented, so even if you are already teaching online, I can pretty much guarantee you'll learn something new that helps you improve your presentation or makes your life easier in this arena.

Over this past week or two, I have seen many of my colleagues struggling to get up to speed, worrying about their unfamiliarity with the tech rather than about what makes them shine as teachers and movers. Over the last three years in *non*-crisis times, I did tons of this experimentation, spending hours on the phone with Zoom tech support to troubleshoot and problem-solve (hours they likely don't have now!). I'd like to help you not only get past that short-term tech hurdle but also to start to plan ahead for the long term, when you'll have specialized videos available online that can keep generating income for you even when you are back teaching your in-person classes.

In this first webinar offering on this topic, I go over the important settings and processes (and equipment needed) to get up online fast via Zoom or Facebook Live, with the tweaks that will make your presentation more professional for live classes and private lessons, and allow you to improve your spoken sound and (if applicable) background music.

I'll also give an overview of all the important things you need to have in place regarding lighting and sound, streaming vs. archive-recording, legal considerations, promotion, different options for class structure based on your equipment and teaching goals, automation of online processes including payments and onboarding, methods for protecting your content, and what you'll need to adjust for different tech setups and locations (after you can finally leave home...or even within your home!).

You'll learn what precise settings on Zoom will give the best results for quality sound, music playing, screen sharing of still photos or videos ...and how to avoid embarrassing yourself or your students with awkward mute-unmute confusion :-0 or unexpected video sharing. I'll walk you through all this on a video that you can play over and over, with lifetime access to the webinar recording as reference for yourself.

As soon as you join the course, you'll get a short survey to fill out about meeting dates and times coming up, as well as your specific needs, so I can address them. You'll be able to attend ANY OR ALL of the Moving It Online webinars and meetings I'm giving over the next few weeks if you want to get more out of the live experience and get more questions answered as you start ramping up, or watch their recordings.

This session will be more informal than the webinar, in that you'll be able to test your setup with us and get coaching on the spot as to what you can do to make it even better.
- Get feedback from me & other course members on your ZOOM setup for audio and video
- Learn how to tweak the settings to get the features you want in your meetings
(The recording for April 3 is up already in the course for access, and other live sessions will be scheduled.)

KEEP ON MOVING IT... ONLINE.  You can really do this. Join me - it's going to be enjoyable, and empowering!     -Ranya RenĂ©e

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PS - After you sign up, you'll start to receive emails immediately - if you don't receive it within the first few minutes after you sign up, make sure you have entered your purchase email correctly - if it bounced, just message us at to fix it so you get onboarded into the course!  Please fill out the short Google forms survey linked from the email you receive - that will help me address as many of your issues and questions as I can during the live presentations!