Mindfulness Tools for Everyday Life

Join me for this Mindfulness Tools for Everyday Life course online through Zoom for the YMCA of Greater New YorkThe next 4-week session starts April 13, on Tuesdays at 6:30pm EDT (check in your time zone here).

I'm really happy to be able to offer guidance on the simple practices from meditation, yoga, and qi gong (chi gung) that have helped me so much in feeling more "settled" in myself, in all aspects of life, and to have a calmer, more focused mind. It's especially good to reconnect with this material during these times, and I hope you'll join me. This is a Flushing YMCA registration program, but you can message me with any questions about it at support@gingercity.com. Description below... 

- Ranya

Registration link! Member rate: $60 for the four sessions; nonmembers ("Program Members") $72 for the four sessions.  This is a small group class for 10 people (or participating screens!). Rate is "per screen", so you can join with a family member or significant other or roommate and do it together on the same device, for no additional fee. Plan to attend live to benefit from the discussion and getting your questions answered, but if you have to miss a class, there will be recording viewable that week before the next class. Hope to see you there! 

In practicing mindfulness, we bring the body and mind together, to be fully present in our activities and in rest. This four-week workshop series will provide participants with an introduction to helpful mind-body practices and the traditions they come from, and how we can apply these practices and ideas in daily life. We’ll meet face-to-face in small-group Zoom meetings to facilitate participation and discussion among group members.

Who is this for?  
Adults of all ages who are beginners to meditation and mind-body practice, as well as those with previous experience who want to renew their practice. You can join from anywhere, even if you are not a Y member. Contact Ranya at support@gingercity.com or Shelby at sconn@ymcanyc.org for assistance with registration.

What do I need to participate?

Computer, tablet or phone with good internet connection for Zoom meetings. A computer will offer the easiest participation. (Visit https://support.zoom.us/ for help if you are new to Zoom.)

Stable, solid chair

Yoga mat, or large towel or blanket you can lie on, with pillows or cushions handy for back support and comfort. Yoga blocks optional but not required.

Pen and paper or journal to write and draw.

Mindfulness Tools for Everyday Life Week by week:

Mindfulness means bringing the mind, body and breath together, to become fully present in our activities and at rest. This four-week workshop series introduces participants to exercises that help calm busy minds, focus better, and be kinder and more patient with ourselves. Learn how to apply these simple, short practices in daily life. We'll meet face-to-face in small-group Zoom meetings to facilitate participation and discussion among group members.

In this four-week series, you will explore different kinds of meditation, breathwork, and simple physical exercises from yoga and qigong, in ways you can incorporate into your daily life. The group work and discussions over Zoom will help support you in building your own home practice. 

Four Tuesdays 6:30-7:30pm EDT 

  • April 13 - Mindfulness and awareness
  • April 20 - Finding balance in body and mind
  • April 27  - Making space and time for ourselves
  • May 3  - Integrating mindfulness into our lives

This is the website with link to register - it's $60 for Y members and $72 for nonmembers, for all 4 hourlong classes (including class recordings available between classes in case you need to miss a week)-  https://ymcanyc.org/events/mindfulness-tools-everyday-life


WEEK 1 - Mindfulness and awareness: Joining mind, body, and breath
Calming the mind, being present in the moment
Getting comfortable in basic seated meditation
Presence in the body: basic chair yoga and standing exercises
Following the breath: focus on inhale and exhale
Discussion: Practicing presence and patience with ourselves
Setting up a plan to practice for a short time daily, over the next four weeks between the class sessions

WEEK 2 - Finding balance in body and mind: Not too tight, not too loose
Inspiration from yoga philosophy
Asana practice: simple physical postures for strength and awareness (chair and standing)
Pranayama: the practice of breath control to calm and connect with yourself (seated or lying down)
Guided meditation to nourish the energy centers of the body
Quiet seated meditation, to let go of thoughts and thought patterns
Group discussion: finding balance in our practice and in our daily lives
Check-in on exercises and home practice

WEEK 3 - Making space and time for ourselves: Developing the habit
Inspiration from Taoist philosophy
Introduction to qigong and qi (“chi”) energy practices, basic standing and moving exercises
Working with “doing” and “not doing” in the exercises
Guided meditation: 5-organ breathing to balance body and emotions
Discussion: Busy-ness vs. effortlessness in the physical exercises and in our lives
Review of previous weeks’ exercises, seated meditation, and check-in on your practice

WEEK 4 - Integrating mindfulness into our lives: Mindful relationships - with ourselves and others
Review of seated and standing exercises from yoga and qigong from previous weeks
Staying kind with ourselves: compassion and heart-centered physical practices
Silent meditation with eyes open, meeting the ups and downs of the world with equanimity
Bringing attention back when it slips (we’re human!)
Introduction to walking meditation
Discussion: How to plan for continuity of your practice, including the importance of shared sangha (community)

About the Instructor
Ranya Renee has been a Healthy Lifestyles instructor at the YMCA of Greater New York for the past 20 years, teaching yoga, Pilates, Barre fitness, and bellydance. She is also a coach for performers and speakers.