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Thanks for coming to check out our BYB6 showcase!
The performance features professional and amateur bellydance/Middle Eastern dance performers from around the world, all united through the online Bring Your Best performance coaching series, June-Sept. 2021.

Watch this short video message from Ranya about what's coming up in the Ginger City (for late 2021 into 2022, and scroll down below for the show video. (Note - you may need to turn up the volume on the videos on this page when you play them - use those five little bars in the bottom right corner of each video to raise the sound level!)
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Note from Ranya: 
While "admission" to this show is free, you can make a donation of any amount you are comfortable with, for the Ginger City equity scholarship fund, to benefit dancers in the next coaching series!

Any amount is genuinely appreciated, and will be matched 1:1 by me. More than $1000 of scholarship aid was distributed in this year's BYB series, from kind donors ...who helped make this show even more fabulous through their support! My goal is to surpass the $500 in donations we received in the last campaign, from 25 different individuals, to keep my coaching programs accessible to more talented dancers, especially those who might not have had the opportunities I did in learning on the job in the Arabic nightclubs of New York. Many thanks!   - Ranya

BYB*6* SHOWCASE VIDEO - Montage of the Sept. 18-19 shows
Below you can play the video of the whole show, with some pre-and post-show commentary from Ranya and the participants!
All 16 dancers from the series performed... and a special shout-out to Zakeya and Majida, who contributed their lovely artistry despite limitations from injuries. More about the dancers and their pieces (including music credits) is at this link.

(To turn up the volume on the videos, use those five little bars in the bottom right corner of each video player to raise the sound level!)

Welcome from Ranya - 00:00:00
Jane Tang (Hong Kong) -00:04:20
Pauline (Montreal, Quebec, Canada) - 00:08:25
Nadia Layla (Pennsylvania) - 00:13:21
Becka (Ohio) - 00:18:44
Majida Wahid (New Zealand) - 00:22:22
Pagona (Brussels, Belgium) - 00:26:02
Mayousse (Virginia) - 00:29:34
Annya Ishtara (New Mexico) - 00:33:28
Hadyr (Utrecht, Netherlands) - 00:37:45
Andrea (California) - 00:42:19
Lisa (San Antonio, Texas) - 00:45:38
Tammy (Huntingdon, Pennsylvania) - 00:49:16
Zakeya (New York City) - 00:52:31
Natasha (Manchester, UK) - 00:56:28
Julia Eberling (Stuttgart, Germany) - 00:59:41
Nava (Washington, DC/Virginia) - 01:04:15
Ranya Renee (New York City) - 01:08:53
Post-show sharing from Ranya - 01:13:16
Post-show sharing from BYB dancers & guests - 01:27:15
Closing remarks from Ranya - 01:52:54

Thanks so much for considering a donation of any amount to the Ginger City Equity Scholarship Fund - we are aiming to surpass $500 in donations by October 25, from at least 25 individuals, and we are about halfway there!  Thank you 🙂 -RR

Learn more about the Bring Your Best performance coaching series in the video below... and join the email waitlist for BYB*7* and for the next run of Acting for Dancers when we open these series again!