Bring Your Best! *BYB5*

BYB5 is currently closed for registration, but you can join the waitlist for information about the next coaching series by sending an email to with BYB WAITLIST in the subject line.


Do you want to BRING YOUR BEST in 2020? 

If you are serious about it, Ranya's signature performance prep coaching series will take you to your next your dance, in your confidence, and in your impact as a performer.

The unique BYB program combines the benefits of private coaching with the support of a group, with each member working on her or his own on a solo piece, for a planned live show, competition, or for personal development as a dancer. You learn from your own coaching, and you learn from witnessing the other dancers. It's a powerful combination that has resulted in major breakthroughs for BYB participants. 

You can work on your own choreography or a structured improvisation, in any style - traditional, modern, classic, experimental... You choose. Your art and your impact is the point.

So what is BYB about?

First, I have a question for you.
How do you feel about competitions?
Just curious…. 

Some people love dance competitions and some hate them.

In the past four rounds of BYB, we have had dancers preparing for competitions as well as others preparing for "high-stakes" performances - such as showcases on a theater stage or for a big workshop show event. In such a show, let's face it:


You want to do your personal best, so you experience the thrill of being completely, perfectly in the zone, connected with the audience and with your own dance. And it would be nice if your friends and family and fellow dancers in the audience also noticed that you rose to the occasion, went way beyond what they'd seen you do before. Surprised them and knocked their socks off. You want it, and you know you deserve to feel great about what you are presenting too. 

In general, we can probably agree that those who win competitions ...really love them!

And what about everyone else who competes?

Many dancers compete because they want to challenge themselves with a deadline and then get valuable feedback from the judges… which is a really valid goal and reason to join a competition.

I do actually think that one reason for the popularity of competitions is the growth that dancers want to get from them. Competitions can be a positive force in a dancer’s life, depending on the event and on the person competing.

HONEST TALK: From a judge's perspective (I've judged several competitions), our assignment as judges is to give feedback, but mostly, to give scores, so they can pick the winners. That is, even though I write as much feedback as I can, in my terrible handwriting, that is not my main job requirement as a competition judge. It's just a nice extra to give. And seriously, you may not be able to read my writing.

Feedback from a judge might not even be what you need to hear right now, because they don’t know the context of your dance process and how you got to that place. It might not even have been your best day, and then that’s the impression you are being judged on. Also, sometimes a judge doesn’t have time to think, at the time of writing their feedback, what would most help you. Competitions move FAST. When judging competitions, we judges are just racing to stay on top of it and keep the event moving along. I like to think I’ve been helpful with my feedback to contestants, but then they need to try to decipher my terrible handwriting...

Way worse, some dancers who went in expecting helpful feedback have been traumatized by the experience of being judged, and sometimes that even makes them give up on their goals, or to postpone going after those goals while they recover emotionally from the experience. In a competitive situation, let’s face it, the goal is commercial: it has to do with the suspense and with the prizes. Competitors, aside from the winners of course,  may end up feeling like pawns in that game. Not a good feeling, if you want to project confidence in your work.

And then there's this:

What if it's not a competition at all... just a show.... but you still feel judged?

You may feel (or at least fear) judgment from peers in the dance community. You might not feel the support that is necessary to get to the next level. You might feel "held in a box" by the opinions of others.  Or that you can’t share yourself fully onstage, for fear of being judged. Maybe sometimes you don’t even feel welcome.

You might be such a perfectionist that you feel you’ll never be as good as you want to be. These feelings can keep talented people like you from sharing your art… not being able to realize your full potential. And honestly, what a shame that is.

The world needs you and your unique voice.  Really.  Don't hold back on us!

Would you like to get the same focused experience of preparing for a show or a competition, with a deadline, with an extra portion of support, no matter what your performance goals, where the goal is NOT to judge you but to arm you with the tools you need to feel in control of your own performance and how it is received by others?

…HONEST FEEDBACK that doesn’t traumatize you, because it’s delivered with respect for your capability to progress and reach your goals?

…MINDSET AND PERFORMANCE TOOLS that are tailored to your needs, your level, and your personality?

....and a plan to hit certain landmarks in your preparation process, so that you actually have the time to mine the art from your work?

We all feel a little extra stress when we need to get ready for a high-stakes performance...

Even more so if it’s something new for us, like a new piece or a new type of piece or our first time doing a solo. Dancers who are experienced professional performers feel the pressure too — sometimes even more. 

Pro dancers who perform regularly in restaurants without nerves can feel a lot more pressure for a higher-profile stage show. Same for dance teachers who need to perform as an invited guest, or as the headliner at the show associated with their workshop event, while they are tired from all the other excitement related to preparing for the event (especially if they are hosting it themselves!!!). You may not even get those big gigs unless you can project confidence, even under pressure.

There are lots of reasons to prepare in advance, with a goal-oriented and not last-minute-panicked approach. A way to push yourself with deadlines, have accountability, a supportive coach and a supportive group to report to. Maybe you have a great regular teacher who can coach you, which is an amazing asset. But it may be more fun, and even more powerful, to have, in addition to the coach, a small, focused community of support while you are preparing for your solo in the big show.

BYB is about you being in possession of the tools to stay calm and deliver, so you feel like you can tame the beast of your own performance. It's about you channeling the transcendent performer inside of yourself, the one who takes the audience to another level. It's about you enjoying yourself and feeling confident that you brought it all


This online series was created from my successful New York Performance Prep coaching series model, specifically geared towards preparing for a live performance. We've run four rounds of BYB online so far. Members of the series have gone on to performances that were up a few levels from where they were before. BYB participants who entered competitions won competition prizes. This series will enable you to work towards specific dance performance goals whether your performance is in a few weeks or in several months. It’s quite simple: You will make extraordinary progress as a performer within the period of our course. If you are ready for that, if you are ready to BRING YOUR BEST, no matter what level you are at, then join us! I’ll give tailored feedback to dancers of all styles and levels of experience, and help you make powerful and comfortable choices in showcasing your work, for a hafla, stage show, or competition. 

And what if you don’t have upcoming performance plans, but you still want to join in the fun?
Don’t worry: Even if you don’t have a specific performance to prepare for, you can join in our online showcase after the close of the series, for all the Bring Your Best! dancers ready to participate.


You can read more about my coaching methods and how I’ve adapted them for online work here.​​

in the words of participants

Read below comments from satisfied BYB members and from my Baladi Coaching Series, which uses a similar format to the one we use in BYB.

"Over the past couple of years I've just been trying different online sources of learning with some of my favorite teachers. The others have been helpful and useful because they helped me with technique and other things like that. But is this the first one where it feels specific to me, to help me be a better dancer. 

For me it was an overall goal of trying to incorporate concepts, breath, really aiming to make a deeper impression on the audience. And it made me grow in the sense that there were things that I didn't realize I was doing or not doing that really impacts the effect that I have on the audience.  

This whole series has been very self revelatory. And I don't think it was just for me. I think other people have the same type of experience. And I think you can get as much as you want to out of it, providing you're open to just setting aside your own biases and your own thoughts about what you need, and listen to what someone else thinks you need to do.

​I really appreciated how positive Ranya’s critique was for myself and everyone else. Not once did I feel threatened or judged. She created a very safe and supportive atmosphere and I appreciate that she shared some of her own personal struggles and process. I also liked working an a small group for the conference sessions. At first I was intimidated to be critiqued in front of others, but as we got going I found it was helpful to see everyone else being critiqued too. Often the concepts and skills they were working on were applicable to me personally, and I was able to listen to and evaluate all the critique in a more objective way than when it was just my own feedback, if that makes sense. I LOVED seeing other’s personalities and musicality come through their dance. It was inspiring and made me that much more excited about my own creative process and interpretation.”
– Bobbie, Victoria, BC 

"BYB was awesome from the beginning to the end. This course re-shaped my dance to a different level.  It helped me to think deeper into music, breathing, and emotions, so I could develop my dance from the inside out. I had never taken a course like this before, and I enjoyed every bit of it. I like that we have a private discussion group and we can watch each other's progress. The fellow dancers' comments are so supportive and we help each other to grow. I liked how I can interact with Ranya in online meetings or in Facebook discussion group whenever I have questions. Ranya offered different time choices for dancers from around the world. So everyone is guaranteed to participate online. As soon as you get in the course, you'll find a treasure box that you never discovered. Ranya applies her unique training to different levels of dancers, so no matter which level you're at, she will give you specific comments that are just for you. So there's no competitiveness or worries, just to focus on personal progress.
 Other Ranya online programs are also awesome to participate in: I've taken Balady Salon Series before, and Ranya offered so many materials in a single program. These programs are definitely 100% worth the investment."

"I think Ranya has a very good eye... I've been dancing for 10 years so I can master most of the technique. But if I want to bring it to another level, that means I have to deal with some tiny little things that happen. She always points out the same issue that I think I have! And she also brings a solution which turns out to be right." - Jane Tang, Hong Kong 

"The way Ranya gives her feedback and the way she sets up her classes keeps me coming back to get more instruction. She really gets down to the details of exactly what you need. And how she's able to identify it so quickly, I have no idea!  ...The amount of growth you make from that, because of the way she coaches, is huge. She's very understanding of who you are, where you're at, where you're wanting to go." - Amanda, Texas

"Ranya wants everybody to be their best, and she really looks for it. Sometimes you’ll hear things that might be difficult to hear... but she gives feedback in a really great way, and it's things you need to hear - because you're not going to improve unless you know what you're doing wrong, or that you need to change. She's helped me with eye gaze, hands, posing, and a lot more. She's recognized some things in me that I didn't know about myself. Now I’m aware of my own uniqueness as a dancer, and I’m working to develop that more." - Fifi Faatina, Naples, Florida

"I was working up to a competition, and the particular piece that I was working on with Ranya grew exponentially. I was so proud of it. I went to the competition and placed first, second,  or third in five of six categories. ...The breathwork is magic."   - Heather, Yakima, Washington

"I was a little bit hesitant going into BYB. Because at first when you look at it you think 'that's a good bit of money to invest.' But really it was worth every penny. Because receiving that individualized attention, and also getting that community of your peers helping you... you don’t find that anywhere else. Sometimes workshops can turn into competitions, but there was never that feeling with this series. Ranya is very good about keeping everything very positive. Everyone wants to help you be your best. ...I like the idea of sticking with one particular song or choreography and developing it, because a lot of times when you do coaching with different people it's just kind of quick. They maybe watch you once or twice, they give you feedback, and it's done. But I like the fact that in this series you're able to not just take that one type of feedback, but get feedback over and over again as you add to your piece and as you develop it. It's being able to build upon each feedback session, and really get to be where you want to be at the end."  - Jamie, San Antonio, Texas

"Ranya Renee is a master instructor.  Her wealth of knowledge is uncommon and she delivers her unique message in a variety of ways which make understanding the method abundantly clear.  Ranya’s teaching involves dance movement, body mechanics, and musicality, but extends further to context, history, culture, theatre and comedy.  She is extremely funny.  The online meeting environment is safe and supportive and one can make friends for a lifetime.   ...The Baladi Coaching, Bring Your Best! and Breathwork for Performance series were invaluable experiences for me.  The challenges were many, as were the rewards.  These courses are for any dancer who is ready to excel towards more intelligent, confident, and exquisite performances.  Forever, thank-you, Ranya!  I already miss you." - Mimi, Edmonton, Canada

"Ranya has really taken a lot of time in her personal education to learn about the body mechanics in terms of how we move and how we breathe, and what's going on even psychologically. She also has a really good appreciation for different body types and different abilities in the dance, and different sensibilities, and it makes a world of difference in her teaching and in people's ability to learn and take in things."  -Tammy, Oakland, California

“In my opinion, my dance has catapulted to a whole new level since the first Baladi Coaching session. I’ve felt the difference in my performances over the summer and also felt it contributed to very positive outcomes in my first solo competitions. People (including judges) have shared great feedback and those who know me more personally have commented that they almost didn’t recognize my dancing. One actually said, “Did magic fall into your head or something?” Now, I’ve also worked hard mentally during this time and listen to several audio books that were complimentary to improving mindset BUT my decision to do Ranya’s program WAS the catalyst for my new approach to dance, physically and mentally. She is extremely in-tune and insightful so she challenges you to step out of your comfort zone in a way that isn’t too much. It’s a little scary but you can see she believes in you and wants you to be your best you so your feel safe in your attempts. The group setting also offers you great insights. You get to observe others challenging themselves and can observe how it all can apply to you in some way. I don’t think I would’ve gotten as much from private sessions as I did from the group set-up. Highly recommend this class to anyone who wants to level up their dance! 
– Raena of Dallas-Ft. Worth (Ricki Lascody)

“In the last year or so working with Ranya, other dancers have said to me, 'You're looking a lot smoother.'  They don't really know what's happening, but they know something has happened and that I am dancing  a lot better. ...Ranya has the ability to work with anybody. In our Bring Your Best series there were about a dozen of us in the class, and it ranged anywhere from amateurs - where I would consider myself as a dancer -  to seasoned professionals that have been dancing for a long time. Ranya can fit in with everybody, and she can help everybody.
...I am not a tech person but learned a lot about taping my routine.. submitting it to her for critique….video conferencing...etc. Don’t let any fears on the tech side stop you from signing up… If I can manage it anyone can! The one-on-one part of the coaching was excellent as was working in the group… The first time I met everyone online was a little nerve-wracking as I didn’t know what to expect, but as the course went on these sessions became a favorite part of the experience. I have no problems in highly recommending this course and feel my dancing improved a lot in a short time.”  – Jim, Saskatchewan

“Baladi Coaching Series was an amazing tool to improve my Baladi technique! I am very lucky to have had the opportunity to receive direct feedback from Ranya Renee about my Baladi: what I’m doing, what to keep, and what to practice/improve. It was wonderful to share with other dancers around the world during the live sessions and be able to receive feedback from them as well. I definitely saw improvement in my dance after every session! Thanks very much!”   – Katiuska Alvarado, Australia

“It was such a wonderful experience taking Ranya’s online Baladi coaching. She is an excellent teacher with her pool of knowledge and patience….What I enjoyed was the fun dance learning communication across the globe and the stack of pointers that she gave to each students.” – Evelyn Wong, Singapore

"Before I met Ranya I felt like I wanted to speak but I had no voice. Through Ranya’s coaching methods she has taught me how to unlock my potential and become a really effective performer and artist. Now I feel like I can truly connect with myself, my audience and share my voice through my dance. Learning how to dance from my core, how to focus my attention and use of breath work through Ranya’s methods has really transformed my dance. I cannot recommend Ranya enough. If you truly want to invest in your dance and take it to another level, invest in Ranya, you won’t regret it!"

—Roslyn Hart, New Zealand

Do you believe you can make fast progress towards your performance goals?
I do.

The results I've seen from dancers of all levels are inspiring. If you join us, you will make progress during the time of the series, period. It may be the type of progress you would expect..... and it may be something you didn’t even think about before. And it will probably surpass your expectations.

But if you have any doubts, you can speak to any of the dancers who have done my series previously. Reach out to one of them on Facebook, or I can send you their way.


  • Supportive laboratory of the group setting, permission to try new things, and to feel BELIEVED IN
  • Mindset preparation exercises to get in the state of mind to BRING IT
  • Intro meet-and-greet meeting(s) (live session that will be recorded) with time selected based on time zones of participants; we usually have three different meetings to accommodate the different time zones and availability of participants, and even if you can’t attend live, you can catch the recording after. (PS- don’t worry about the scheduling, we do a poll among the small group of people at the beginning of the series to find dates that work for everyone, even people who are halfway around the world from each other. In the most recent BYB, we had members from Hong Kong to Germany and many time zones in between!)
  • NEW! Dedicated private forum on the Ginger City membership site just for the current group of BYB members, including private forum threads for each person so you can communicate with me privately
  • Coaching video modules that you can watch and digest on your own time: what to expect from the coaching experience, how to receive feedback and how to give feedback to others. These modules are designed as an intro to my coaching methods and will give you some tools you can put to use right away in your dance and especially in your mindset approach to the dance and to the coaching process. (AND: See below for some extra-special brand-new bonus Performance Prep trainings that will be INCLUDED in your Bring Your Best! package!!!)
  • Bonus video coaching group feedback videos I create for each round of the series, based on trends I’m seeing in your recorded videos, to help the group prepare themselves for the live sessions by giving some major points to focus on. These have helped unify the group in working towards their goals, as well as giving reinforcement on the main issues people are working on, to bust through your technique and mental blocks!
  • 6 personal sessions with you as the focus (3 recorded + 3 live), along with unlimited watching of others’ sessions when they post them in the forum. Each posting is optional but WOW, do people learn so much from each other!!! The benefits will become obvious immediately when you see this in action, but it is always up to you whether you want your feedback video to be shared with the others in the small group. Live and recorded coaching feedback will generally be on alternate submitting weeks, but this can be flexible: if you know in advance that you’ll be unavailable/traveling/crazy busy during a particular week, we can arrange your sessions accordingly so that you can make up the time. These six sessions will be available to you during the time frame of the course, with the option of scheduling one make-up session outside of the main sessions if you need it. 
  • ​Of these six feedback sessions with me, 3 will be video feedback critique & coaching videos on your own dance, within the series time frame. Here’s how it works: You send me your video link, I watch it carefully (and with an open mind to receive what you are giving) and then I provide tailored, targeted, and detailed feedback for you on technique, musicality, performance skills/presence, staging for the venue you plan to (or would like to) perform in, and any cultural or stylistic considerations as applicable. You will receive this personal feedback from me in the form of a video sent to you by email link, yours to download, keep and use as a reference forever. You then will have the option of sharing it with others in the group, so the other members can support you and witness your process through the series.
  • The remaining 3 feedback sessions will be live video conferencing, with in-the-moment coaching from me, witnessed by other coaching group members in a safe, supportive, and private online meeting. The conferencing service I use enables all participants to see each other, so it approximates the in-person audience experience (and it’s REALLY cool!) These sessions will also be recorded and available — for your small group of participants only — to watch via private links. It’s a great way to get even more out of your learning, because you’ll notice things on the replay that you didn’t even realize at the time of the actual live conference.
    You will have the option to send me video to play during the live session, instead of dancing live. Some participants prefer this if they have inconsistent video connection or internet, or if they feel shy about dancing live, to be sure they are at their best to receive accurate feedback. And of course, all the feedback is recorded so you can listen to it/watch it later.
  • Video access to all the live group coaching meeting sessions, of your own work and those of your peers in the course, for you to use as reference—all sessions will be filmed and uploaded on private pages with restricted access for your small group only.
    (Nervous about sharing? If there is anything you’d prefer I take out of the final recording, if there is something sensitive that you realize you didn’t want to share after all, you can always let me know and i’ll edit it out before the private posting. Again, I think you’ll feel comfortable enough that you won’t need to request this, and it has only happened once or twice in the series I’ve run thus far, but the option is always there for you and I will respect your wishes.
  • TWO complimentary "wildcard" coaching blocks (value $100) - short, targeted coaching by phone or video call that you can use during "off weeks" for a quick check-in before you film a video to submit, or to use in a live coaching session when you are on the verge of making a big breakthrough and need just a little more time to get there. If you pay in full upfront for the series, You'll get an additional wildcard block to use, for a total of three. (Additional blocks may be added if you wish to purchase them). 
  • Online survey assessment to determine what areas you most want to work on (with follow-up assessment at series end)
  • (OPTIONAL: Initial private coaching assessment meeting with Ranya separate from the group meeting, at a discounted rate (50% off) for series members only – select this option after Checkout when you sign up. This meeting includes the opportunity to get private video and live feedback along with demonstrations from Ranya to help you target your technique challenges and start making adjustments and distilling your goals, before the series even begins)

Participants in these coaching series have said that the series “adds up to much more than the sum of its parts” …and I think you’ll agree!

BONUS - optional

Get access to the recorded signature Breathwork for Performance method at a large discount... and you'll have access to these video and live trainings too, as you prepare for your own performance! Breathwork for Performance is an integral part of my coaching method, so you won't regret getting it, and you can start working on it before the series starts, as well as using it for a reference during the series (and after! Anyone in BYB who purchases BFP will get LIFETIME ACCESS to the course). You will be absorbing and applying these concepts to accelerate your progress in the series, and because we don't start the group coaching meetings till March, it's a perfect chance to start wrapping your head around the concepts and techniques involved in Breathwork for Performance, so you'll be ahead of the game when you start the live coaching sessions. Then you can absorb and integrate this work into your piece with plenty of reinforcement of these powerful practices. Calming your nerves, preparing to go out onstage, settling into yourself, connecting with your music, connecting with your space, connecting with your audience, self-acceptance and "uplift," letting go of self-doubt or feelings of judgment from others... ALL OF IT will be in there for you, with practice you can directly apply to your performance piece for the coaching series!

BONUS - included

Get your act together from the beginning by mapping your music! This short and practical video training is INCLUDED as a bonus for Bring Your Best! coaching series members, so you'll have a starting point if you need some inspiration for this important part in the Performance Prep process! You'll see how I map my own music when preparing to work on a piece for a performance or for a class I'm teaching, how I count the rhythmic cycles, find the phrasings, and assign imagery to melodic sections to help me distinguish each in a unique way. If you have been procrastinating about approaching your music, then, my friend, procrastinate no longer, with this easy-start method!

BONUS - included

Learn powerful techniques for WORKING THE STAGE, no matter what kind of stage you are performing on. Putting your attention towards your use of the space, awareness of body line, and how to manage the invisible lines of energy between you and your audience... you'll learn practical tools for creating floor patterns and choreography, as well as how to set your piece with a connection to the audience (and to the band if you are working with live musicians). I will break down how you can change the way you set your piece appropriately for theater stage (raised or not raised), or restaurant/club, or even less formal settings. This video training is INCLUDED as a bonus for Bring Your Best! coaching series members, to help you set your plans in motion on stage...and not freak out about choreography!


Here’s how it’s all gonna go down, folks! 

Below is an approximate schedule, because the schedule will be tailored to the small group of people in your group- no more than 12 people! I'll open the dedicated BYB forum in December for those who join early, so you can start setting goals and discussing our schedule, but the first live meetings will be in the new year. Coaching feedback and coaching meetings will begin in March. Don't worry if you need to miss a week during the series: you can adjust your sessions accordingly and a make-up session option is available.

The exact meeting slots will be arranged between us once we open discussion in the group. So don’t worry if you are in Europe or Asia or “down under” – We’ll be able to find times that work for you and others!

We start meeting in the forum first, to meet-and-greet and set goals; your first video will be submitted after the first live meetings.


PRE-SERIES PREP:   Online forum discussions to get us started (December-January), watching my training videos and asking any related questions, setting personal goals for the series; learning how to work with the technology of the live meeting service, making sure you have decent equipment and internet connection for smooth participation; learning how to upload your videos to either YouTube or if you are not tech-savvy. We’ll also start setting the general series meeting time slots. If you have previously done BYB or my Baladi Coaching Series, and want to submit your first video during this period, this is recommended, and you can be among the first to share your feedback in the group, showing the new folks what it's like!

MEET AND GREET MEETINGS IN FEBRUARY:  First live meet-and-greet meetings; if you are new to the series, you'll start working on your first video after the meetings. If you join early though, you can get started early in videotaping yourself as you build your routine. 

MARCH: You submit your first video to me. I review this Round 1 submitted video and send you detailed video feedback. Then you can also watch others' feedback videos, and give supportive and SPECIFIC feedback to others based on my guidelines for giving feedback (training video and discussion for this).

LATE MARCH-EARLY APRIL: First live solo coaching session meetings using my conferencing service – each dancer gets 30 minutes of focused time, while others witness and support. These meetings generally last 1-2.5 hours depending on how many dancers are doing slots that day. If anyone wants to use their 15-minute wildcard block, they can do it at the end of the session after the others have danced. If you are not dancing that day, you still can attend and watch. If you can’t attend, you can watch the recording of the video after I post it to a private page for group members only. The more of these you can watch, the more you will benefit. You'll have the chance to tell each other what you most enjoy about each other's work, and take notes for your own work! 

EARLY-MID APRIL : Following your goals for this round, you submit your Round 2 video, upload it (to a private or unlisted page) and submit the link to me so i can review it.

MID-LATE APRIL: I review your Round 2 videos and send feedback videos back to you; you can post your videos and watch others’ shared videos too

LATE APRIL: Round 2 live meetings    -- And those of you with shows who need extra session before your show can do these earlier!

MID MAY: Following your goals for this round, you submit your Round 3 video, upload it (to a private or unlisted page) and submit the link to me so i can review it.

MID-LATE MAY:  I review your Round 3 videos and send feedback videos back to you; you can post your videos and watch others’ shared videos too.

EARLY JUNE: Round 3 live meetings to close out the series!  If you have a show to get in earlier, then no problem: we can work your Round 3 session in earlier. I'll have my yoga final exam probably in early May, so the meetings will be after I get through that, unless someone needs to get in their last session early to be ready for a big performance! I'll have more information in January about the exact schedule.

SHOWCASE TIME!  I’d like to schedule these final showings of your work a few weeks after the close of the series, by mid June, but if everyone is ready earlier, we will do that. We'd choose one or two dates for everyone to be there live.  It would be great to have everyone there at the same time(s) for these, since the slots will be very short, just mainly about looking at and appreciating everyone’s progress through the showcasing the final pieces. 

REMEMBER: It is ok to have your live and recorded meetings for any round in the opposite order, like doing live first then recorded. If you have a question about which is better for you, just let me know!

POST-SERIES: Wrap-up and final assessments, and looking ahead to what is next for you in your development based on your progress and remaining goals!  

You will retain LIFETIME ACCESS to your video feedback and your connection to the group. Former BYB members often stay in touch with each other after the series to share successes and videos.

You’ll be surprised what you can accomplish in just a short time frame, when you are part of a committed group of dancers supporting each other!


Q: I love the idea of this… but I have a show deadline BEFORE the completion of the series! Can I accelerate my progress and my feedback sessions so I’m ready for my show?

A: You can do it!  We can arrange for you to double up your recorded and/or live meetings leading up to your live show, so you can be ready on an accelerated timeline. No problem at all. And you can still attend others’ meetings and support their work right through to the end, and also let us know how your performance went!

It amazes me every time how people just step up to their next level. For this series, I decided to spread things out a little more to allow for the greater complexity in your pieces and more time to enjoy and absorb others’ work too. But you can definitely get your sessions done early if you need to, and still watch others’ progress in their remaining sessions!

Q: This sounds a little “hi-tech” for me… I’m new to video sharing and web conferences. How do I know if I have the right equipment and skills for this?

A: If you are not super-technical, don’t worry! We can help you get set up. In fact, some previous series participants have learned how to use a webcam and how to do video uploading through preparing for this coaching series! So I know it is possible to bring you quickly into the digital age, if you are not already there. The conferencing service also has its own online tutorials, and you can even test your equipment with them before starting the series to be sure you are set up and ready to go for the live meetings (it’s pretty easy!).

If you are concerned about privacy, your links can be password-protected if you wish (by using a free account on you can get several sharing options including password-protection, for example) or shared by private links. You have control of what you share, and can remove it anytime if you wish.

A webcam (either on your computer or your phone’s camera) is needed for live video feedback in the live meetings, but even if you don’t have this set up, or if you prefer to have us look at your video in the live session instead of dancing live, you can still participate by submitting video in advance for me to give feedback on during the live session. It’s ideal to be on the call via video so we can see you, but if you need to audio-call in on a particular day, you can do that: My conferencing service offers the option to call in and has country-specific phone numbers if you need them.

Many computers have a built-in webcam that is decent, but you may have more flexibility and better quality with a separate webcam. I have found from my own experience that the popular Logitech C920 HD (around $50 online, but you may find it cheaper too–just make sure it’s that model) has good quality, even for capturing dance (which not all webcams can do as well, since most are oriented towards more “talking head” uses.

The faster your internet connection, the better, and even connecting to the router directly can help. If your internet is not fast, it may be harder to give you feedback when you are dancing live, BUT: you can send a video in advance for me to give live feedback on. You'll need to test your connection to see what will be best for you, but we can usually work out these things so you still get your feedback, especially if we are prepared, even if your connection is not ideal. 

Q: When are the live meetings and how long are they? I don’t see specific dates and times for those yet….

A: These will be scheduled and set after people start to sign up, so that there are at least 3 meetings per time slot over the course of the series, and they will run between about 1.25 and 2.5 hours per session, depending on number of participants per meeting who have their dedicated time during that meeting. Basically, we arrange the meetings at times that are convenient for small groups of members, even if people are on the other side of the world from me! Other coaching series participants can also join as observers to witness the work and take notes. The goal for each session is to have a minimum of two participants; and ideal is 3-5 participants dancing each meeting, so you can see more people live. Most of the big learning happens when you are watching each other, actually! So this has become a key element in my coaching method, and past participants have agreed that this makes the learning process even more effective than private coaching.

Previous online Coaching Series time slots, for example, that have worked well were Wednesday nights and Saturday and Sunday afternoons or evenings in Eastern Time – New York, but I've got a flexible schedule so we can select other times; you can look at to convert to your time zone; Time Buddy is a great app for iPhone too for keeping track of times in other zones) but we can definitely have different times to accommodate whoever signs up. This has been easier than it sounds!!! I’ll suggest some potential times, see who is free, then add new times if needed to get a consensus. Facebook polls have been useful for this process. Because it’s a very small group, it’s been relatively easy to find a handful of times that fit everyone in the series. And remember you will have the option for a makeup too, if you are missing any dates.

We’ll finalize exact times together after you register and we’ll narrow down the times in polls so that everyone can attend at least one meeting live per round so they can dance live (or show their prepared video), and then of course you can watch the other meetings’ recordings the day after the meeting was held.

The best possible scenario is to get as many people into as few groups as possible, so you can see more people at once (you’ll see why that is ideal in the meetings), but we’ll work this out when we meet everyone in the discussion forum. Even two participants plus me can witness each other’s work, but we’ll try for more people in each time period. All dancing participants will get about the same time allotment each, which is why some meetings may be longer than others. All meetings will be recorded so you can catch them later if you have to miss one.

Q: I can’t make every live meeting in my preferred time slot, or I might have to leave early or arrive late for one or two. Can I still join the series?

A: Yes! It’s best if we know your plans by the time we start the meeting, just so we’ll know if you are arriving late or leaving early….that way it’s not a surprise, but this has not been a big deal. I’ll have your sound and video muted when you join the meeting, automatically, so it won’t be disruptive if you need to join late on occasion. I recommend that people be there for at least two of three sessions of others’ meetings (in addition to watching and commenting on their shared videos and progress) so you get to know the work of the others and they get to know your work. In general, people try to attend as much as they can because they learn so much each time, and it’s fun to be there for each other live when possible. But the recordings are a good way to catch up too. I’ll arrange for a makeup session at the end of the series, if needed, for anyone who still needs to make up a meeting, based on your schedules.

Q: I’m not on Facebook and I don’t really want to join it… Can I still participate in the series’ discussions?

A: Yes! This round of BYB will be in the Ginger City membership forum - in a private forum section only visible to BYB members. 

Got questions not answered here? 
Contact me directly at or on Facebook via my personal Ranya Renee profile or the Ginger City Community group page (if we are not "friends" already, go for email to be sure I'll get it). I will be making myself available for phone or video meetings with dancers who are seriously considering series participation and who have specific questions they want to ask before joining. 

Pay-in-full and installment plan options available. Limited to *12* for the coaching series. We expect to sell out, so sign up as soon as possible to secure your spot. 

OH YEAH!!!!!! 

As soon as you join, you can start talking with me about your piece and your plans... or if you need help with your direction for the series!

By the end of December we can start discussing your performance goals in the forum, along with starting to set available time slots for the first live meetings. And we’ll also go over tech requirements and answer questions to make sure everyone is all set up before we start the live meet-and-greet meetings and coaching sessions.

After you register, you’ll also be given access to the online videos and welcome materials, which will be on an easy-access login page. Then you can start prepping and getting excited about the series!!! You’re going to love it.

Pay-in-full and installment plan options available.

Bring Your Best! is limited to *12* dancers, for maximum personal attention and a tight community of support on your journey. We expect it to sell out for 2020 as it has before.

Not sure if BYB is right for you?
Email to set up a phone call with Ranya to discuss whether the program is a good fit for your needs.

BYB5 is currently closed for registration, but you can join the waitlist for information about the next coaching series by sending an email to with BYB WAITLIST in the subject line.