Breathwork for Performance

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It's time to *really* connect.

We're done with fake smiles

We're done with "looking over the audience's heads" because we can't face them.

We're done with resting bitch face.

We're done with stiff, stilted dancing that bores everyone. (You know it does!)

We're done with holding our breath.

We're done with people feeling bad for us, and done with feeling judged and embarrassed.




Are you ready to shine like you deserve to?   To be comfortable in your own skin when you are in the spotlight?

Ready to not stick out as the "scared one" in your group performances?

Ready to feel like the master and not the victim?


Are you already a star (you know it, baby!)  ...and you want to take it even further, to command your audience?

Or maybe you're a teacher or troupe leader looking for inspiration, to truly help your dancers shine?

Since I began teaching the elements of the Breathwork for Performance method two decades ago, I've helped thousands of dancers and other performing artists to accelerate their development and amplify their presence in front of their audiences. Are you ready to get access to these tools, to use for yourself?


Breathwork for Performance is an integral part of my dancing, teaching, and coaching method, and something I've been developing since 1996. It covers all the ways you can apply your own breathing to the different aspects of your dance and performances. Calming your nerves, preparing to go out onstage, settling into yourself, connecting with your music, connecting with your space, connecting with your audience, self-acceptance and "uplift," letting go of self-doubt or feelings of judgment from others... it's all in there, in an integrated approach that will make you feel powerful and in control even as you enable the audience to see you and connect with you in a more profound way.

Roslyn Hart New Zealand

I cannot recommend Ranya enough!


Before I met Ranya I felt like I wanted to speak but I had no voice. Through Ranya’s coaching methods she has taught me how to unlock my potential and become a really effective performer and artist. Now I feel like I can truly connect with myself, my audience and share my voice through my dance. Learning how to dance from my core, how to focus my attention and use of breath work through Ranya’s methods has really transformed my dance. I cannot recommend Ranya enough. If you truly want to invest in your dance and take it to another level, invest in Ranya, you won’t regret it!


  • Written and video exercises to set goals for the series, and tune in to any energetic and physical blocks... so you can open yourself up as a dancer and performer, gain more confidence, and relax your body and facial expression
  • Breathwork for Performance video training modules that you can watch and digest on your own time, on any device!  In each video, I'll go over a different aspect of the Breathwork for Performance method, including general Breathwork for Performance training as well as Breathwork for Bellydance. The mental aspects, the physical aspects, the tricks and tools, the psychology and practice of it  ...all of it!! Most of the videos include "jumplinks" - counter number notes that allow you to jump from subject to subject within the video. 
  • Dedicated login-based forum page on my site to connect with fellow participants, ask me questions, share successes, and gain accountability in your process with social support. I’ll be in the group just about every day, answering your questions and replying to your posts.
  • Downloadable printable PDF references on the Breathwork for Performance method, diagnostics (very useful for teachers too!), and checklist of tips and tools you can put into use each time you dance or perform

Demonstrating a mid-back lift in Part 3 of the course, with jumplinks below.

Ranya is an extraordinarily gifted instructor and performer.

I have found her breathwork techniques to be very effective in learning how to bridge the gap between the audience and the performer, as well as in learning how to create connections with others when dancing in a group. Ranya guest-facilitated one of the PURE (Public Urban Ritual Experiment) rehearsals and many of the dancers were blown away with what she had to share.

Kaeshi Chai , dancer, director of Bellyqueen dance company and PURE, New York City


PART 1:   Intro to Breathwork for Performance, the origins, the method, the philosophy: written and video exercises for tuning in and assessing your relationship with your own breathing, facial expression, and physicality; and we'll assess your comfort and discomfort zones that you'll work on during the series.

PART 2: Breathwork for Connection with Yourself: using breathwork tools to take stock of how you feel, calm/relax yourself or pump yourself up; mental and physical preparation before performance using breathwork tools; benefits of "finding neutral"

PART 3: Breathwork for Shaping the Body for Bellydance: how breathing interacts with the dance musculature; how to maximize your breathing for technique enhancement; organizing your breathing for different belly dance technique needs; technique situations where you need to hold your breath and how to cover for this (so no one knows your secret)

PART 4: Breathwork for Connecting with the Space: intro to different breathwork-painting styles to spread your energy around the performance space; different levels of eye gaze and sending energy in the space; working with different types and sizes of performance space; learning how to relate with the space no matter how large or small the audience is

PART 5: Breathwork for Musicality: using breathing as a score for the music; working with different ways of "playing" or accompanying the music with your breath; how and when to apply sound in your breathwork practice

PART 6: Sharing the Air: philosophy of breathwork connection with the audience; practical tools to connect with the audience using your breathing as a focusing tool; different breathwork actions you can apply using your audience (e.g. sending, taking, "vapor breath," "throwing a net," "breathing along a string," "casting a spell"...)

PART 7: Sharing the Air, continued: pairing breathwork and eye gaze in connecting with audience members; working with different kinds of audience members, fellow performers, and band members

PART 8: Breathwork Troubleshooting: fixing blockages before they are visible to an audience; diagnosing issues that may come up in applying BFP practice; basic tips for teachers who want to introduce their students to breathwork; introduction to the "Embrace Your Mistakes" concept of self-acceptance and in-the-moment onstage problem-solving

POST-SERIES: Wrap-up and final surveys; exercise to set goals for yourself for the next 90 days

I promise you’ll get a host of powerful tools in this series.
Once you experience this method, you'll never look at performances the same way again!

Ranya’s breathwork has taken my dancing to a whole new level.

Ranya’s breathwork both in her classes and workshops has taken my dancing to a whole new level. Performances since taking her breathing workshops have enabled me to relax and really feel the music as well as relate to audiences, from small intimate gigs to large staged events. I highly recommend her to all my students as well as to my professional dancer friends. No one else is teaching this, and I feel Ranya’s technique is essential to anyone who wants to feel more at home in their own body and at home in a performance.

Mimi Fontana, dancer, director of Manhattan Tribal bellydance company

Diagnosing a stiff facial expression in Part 1, with jumplinks below. 

After you register: we'll add you to the forum where you can get in touch with your fellow students. 

Looking forward to breathing with you!   - Ranya


Series rate is $299, or 7 payments of $47. 


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