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Click the image below to watch a video from me, and the pop-video reel to hear from previous coaching participants!

My Baladi Coaching Series is for you if you are serious about baladi, or even if you are newer to baladi but want to really immerse yourself. This is the 5th run of BCS, and we'll be using the Baladi Building Blocks program as a guide for moving through the sociocultural, musical, and physical relationships to baladi music, so you can dance it with greater confidence and depth.

BCS is a welcoming, non-judgmental, and also rigorous program, and I hope you'll consider being a part of the group.The skills you learn in BCS will ground you and strengthen you not just for your dance, but for your life.

Ranya Renee


Let's get especially juicy with ourselves. To feel contained, supported, playful and strong.
Maybe you have focused on other styles of belly dance before, and now you want to get some juicy cultural perspective.
Maybe you are already extremely juicy, and you are all about the baladi.
Maybe you are a teacher juicing it up with your students!

It's not just about the juiciness though, it's about feeling confident in yourself, knowing what you are doing, recognizing what steps to do with which music. So that your confidence shines through, and you find your own ownership of the baladi in yourself.
You don't have to do #allthethings.
It's about doing just the right amount, so your dance is potent and satisfying. To yourself and to everyone around you.

The BALADI COACHING SERIES will ground you, so you gain the strength and focus to truly soar in your Egyptian-style dance and in your dance performances.

The Baladi Coaching Series is a powerful and empowering immersion in Egyptian baladi, and it's for you if you want to honor the cultural background of the dance AND to feel comfortable when you present it with your own body.... even if you didn't grow up in Egypt.

Whether you are a dancer who really wants to develop or deepen your practice in Egyptian baladi, or a teacher looking to present things the right way, full of inspiration, you'll find all the goods in this program.


The Baladi Coaching Series is not just any online program!

In BCS, I offer you deep instruction on baladi, as well as a broader cultural perspective, as a non-native who has studied Arabic language, music, and culture in depth. With this perspective I help provide a bridge into Egyptian culture, in a respectful, honest way, while highlighting the nuances that are sometimes glossed over in other "mainstream" modern Egyptian dance workshops.

I also offer personalized feedback that is truly tailored to you, as well as support and learning through feedback given to others, in a safe, supportive container. There will be an online performance showcase near the end of the program (participation optional but it will be fun!). BCS is for those who want to reach the next level in not just their technique but also in their personal presentation, whether for performance or just to shine greater confidence in Egyptian baladi style.

And this year I've developed the program even more, from deconstructing my own process in the baladi and interviewing students about theirs. Even if you have studied baladi with me before, or have used my Baladi DVD, this program is a fresh approach: "Baladi Building Blocks". My Baladi Building Blocks program, developed in 2021-2022, forms the structure for our exploration. It integrates resources from my previous baladi programs and incorporates new material on Egyptian baladi personae and social dance culture. The on-demand BBB program, with live dance practice to complement it, will help you put it all together, along with the compassionate and tailored coaching you've come to expect from me, and that you'll get at every live meeting.

In BCS, you'll get accountability and support as you focus in on...

  • Keeping it simple... while still being interesting
  • Appreciating yourself so you'll never be bored (...and neither will the audience!)
  • Increasing your baladi knowledge and your bravery in using it, so you can stop apologizing for not being "enough"
  • Taking a music-centered approach to your dance movement selections, even on the spot: we'll cover traditional movements and steps, and get them ingrained in your body, to eliminate wasted time "thinking" about what you should be doing, and develop the reflexes to do it.


  • You'll receive technique feedback that is personalized and specific for you (yes, YOU! and super specific!), to help you highlight your strengths, build greater physical stability, look better and feel better. This is available to everyone who submits videos during the series.
  • If you are a teacher, you'll get a ton of inspiration you can apply to your own classes, with fresh ideas on teaching this material.
  • And in BCS5 live, you'll also have the chance to learn from the guest teachers working with me in this series, to help lead the dance practice while I observe and take coaching notes for you.

By the end of the Baladi Coaching Series and Baladi Building Blocks program, you will have:

  • a strong concept of Egyptian baladi for dancing and teaching
  • recognition of which steps and movements traditionally go with which sections of music and rhythm in baladi
  • better understanding of the stylistic differences between home-style baladi, stage-style baladi, masculine vs. feminine baladi, and classic/traditional vs. modern baladi
  • greater self-confidence in dancing the baladi
  • a better understanding of the national, social, economic, and musical roots of baladi, including why there seem to be so many ways of dancing it, even among Egyptian teachers
  • a sense of self-ownership in the baladi ...even if you did not grow up with Egyptian music!
  • and... detailed feedback and greater self-understanding to bring out your own "special sauce" in your dance performance (applicable to baladi as well as other styles!)

Read through the information. If you want to discuss the series with me and whether it's a good fit for your needs, or whether to take the "light" or "deep" option for the Baladi Coaching Series, or just Baladi Building Blocks on demand, you can set up an appointment to connect with me over Zoom or phone.

Just message me at support@gingercity.com and we'll set it up!

Click here to learn more about the Baladi Building Blocks program  ... it's on-demand, for lifetime access, and you get it included in your Baladi Coaching Series registration (for light or deep coaching option).
Testimonial - Roslyn Hart


Roslyn Hart (New Zealand) - Before I met Ranya I felt like I wanted to speak but I had no voice. Through Ranya's coaching methods she has taught me how to unlock my potential and become a really effective performer and artist. Now I feel like I can truly connect with myself, my audience and share my voice through my dance. Learning how to dance from my core, how to focus my attention and use of breathwork through Ranya's methods has really transformed my dance. I cannot recommend Ranya enough. If you truly want to invest in your dance and take it to another level, invest in Ranya, you won't regret it!


Baladi DVD

Note: Unlike this DVD cover, in BCS I will not be Photoshopped! 😀

I've been working deeply on Egyptian baladi style since the late 1990s. When I created Baladi Building Blocks in 2021, however, I decided to go "back to basics" ...but in my usual detailed way. This meant revisiting my original BellyDance Egyptian Style: The Baladi DVD, which was filmed in 2008, with a critical eye, and thinking about how to approach this material with the eyes I have now, teaching the strong technique practice methods of the DVD while addressing some cultural and physical subtleties I didn't have fully at that time. (here's the DVD trailer from 2009) Back when we filmed it, I really wanted to get it all in. It was my first DVD, and I had a ton to share. But there were plenty of concepts I was just starting to get as I filmed the DVD, and now they are more settled in me, and in how I coach people to work with them.

The loop drills concept I developed for the DVD was a way to help dancers immerse themselves in the feeling of the movements and music, so that it becomes almost like wallpaper, part of the background, to try to simulate the familiarity one might develop with baladi music if one grew up in Egypt. There were some important lessons about the culture of the dance that I had yet to fully learn, when I recorded the DVD, and I decided to revisit the DVD in the Baladi Building Blocks program, with the addition of Baladi from the Ground Up and other brand-new trainings to help create what I call a "circular learning" environment for baladi.

What is "circular learning" for baladi?


Maybe you are already familiar with the "loop drills" from my Baladi or Taqasim DVDs. This is part of the story: How can we gain natural (if not native) familiarity with a dance form we did not grow up with?

When we learn our native language (or dance style), it's not actually a linear progression, it's an immersion. The learning is circular, as I see it, and multidirectional too. We learn one thing, accidentally, then another, and revisit the previous things we learned, and we are shaped gradually, unconsciously. But when we learn another culture's language or dance, we may try to approach it in a linear way... and miss something in the process. What is missing? Maybe it's the fact that the familiar taqasim baladi progression is linear, at least in theory, but also, WE need to be flexible doing it, to really embody the feeling of baladi; my aim in this approach is to explore the way baladi was, before the modern folklore-inspired approach changed oriental dance. So we'll look at old video clips for inspiration, and I'll share what I learned from close discussion with Mona el Said and Nany and Nelly Fouad and Egyptian musicians on this topic. We can recognize and practice the traditional movement choices, so that they become more natural for us, and capture something that is elusive in much of the modern approach. We can develop a familiar comfort of being right on the beat, and present in ourselves, without trying too hard, and without apologizing as we try to be something we fear we are not. How many dancers dancing baladi really don't look like they could have come from a baladi background - from the working classes of Egyptian cities?

Maybe like you, I had been someone who goes all out, works very hard...and I've learned where to relax, more. We can feel like we are ENOUGH, even if we have to convince ourselves! And that self-acceptance, and deeper grounding, connection to the ground beneath our feet... it is something we all need, especially in our fast-paced, phone-addicted current world.

When it came to developing deeper confidence and familiarity for baladi, I started to use a different approach, one that was, frankly, more chilled out... More organic. And that has been reinforced for me through the previous online Baladi Coaching Series as well as the Bring Your Best performance coaching series: the idea that less is often more, and that if we can balance our own energies, we can express our dance in the best way. Some of us need yang for our yin. Some need yin for our yang. We can balance our potential energy with our kinetic energy, our effort with our ease. These concepts are universal. It's about balancing our energy while we fully own our feet and our bodies, as we commune with this dance.

So through the Baladi Coaching Series this year, I'll be guiding participants through a partially linear and partially nonlinear series, including key building blocks of traditional baladi, the tools to recognize them, and an organic process for building your baladi from the ground up, whether it's taqasim baladi or baladi song or bits of baladi flavoring an Oriental piece. We'll use the material from the Baladi DVD, because it's great for practice, and I'll also help you simplify things even more, so that it becomes more accessible, and allows us to tap into something different from our own cultures and so very satisfying to our nervous systems.

These Baladi Building Blocks elements are not only for Egyptian baladi, by the way. They also pave the way for what I call Organically Grown Egyptian Oriental-style dancing. Egyptian Oriental was built on the bones of baladi - with it and in opposition to it. We must acknowledge the social class elements in understanding classic dance, and the roots of baladi, as well as the colonialism that helped set the stage for the creation of early oriental dance.

As I like to say,

You shouldn't settle for being just a dancer with movements, if you really want to move people.

And if you want to dance baladi, first you have to move yourself.

If you want to move yourself, you have to feel comfortable with yourself, both in movement and in stillness. You may want to relax your noisy self, to share a deeper essence of yourself that is undeniable, and powerful in a different way.

And so it goes, in circular fashion, and you will end up with something much more profound than you ever thought you could find in a dance program.


Do you want to feel fully confident in your Egyptian dance, to actually feel like you deserve to dance it, that you are honoring the culture, and maybe can show it to the world?

Do you want to understand baladi dance as it was done traditionally, in homes and at street weddings, and be able to tap into that sense of familiarity in your own body, so your dance actually feels like baladi ...and also feels like you? (and if you are a teacher, to share that with your students?)

Are you an experienced professional or longtime dancer looking to get out of a rut and get fresh inspiration, or step more fully into your confidence and authority as a performer and teacher?

If you want to be fully respected in your talent as well as feeling safe enough to take risks that will pay off... the full BCS program may be just the thing for you.

If you are ready to commit to yourself, you WILL reap the benefits.

Testimonial - Julia


Julia (Stuttgart, Germany) - I am largely self-taught and I was used to filming myself in order to analyse and improve my dancing, so I already had a lot of ideas about what might be better. But Ranya made me realize things I would never have seen by myself. Her comments are always spot on and at the same time always super encouraging. And she will not only tell you what kind of changes might improve your dance but also how to achieve them. Especially her expertise on stage presence and performance qualities is invaluable and makes her coaching format unique. I highly recommend her program to any dancer who wants to not only dance better but also feel better about their dance.

What will the BCS program be like this year?

*NEW FOR 2024*: LIVE DANCE PRACTICE MEETINGS: for technique, musicality, social dance aspects, and coaching

I'm especially excited about this new aspect of this year's BCS. These dance practice meetings will feature dance-along practice led by me and talented guest teachers who have also completed previous Baladi Coaching Series. Together we will explore the movements of baladi as well as their social and musical context, using my circular training techniques for building confident, grounded dance improvisation.

I’m pleased to present these talented dancers and teachers who will be assisting me with the live dance practice sessions. They are all alumni of my Baladi Coaching Series, and understand the value of the safe and friendly space we create in the series. You will love dancing with them!

Dominique Moon

Dominique Moon is from Vallejo, CA and resides in Wilson, NC. She is a quintessential creative spirit. Dominique is a visual artist, creator of ritual body adornment, erotic muse,  and  belly dancer. In her art, she explores femaleness from a spiritual perspective: in mood, the senses, body agency, and ancestral derivations.

Dominique has been studying Egyptian dance for 8 years. Dominique had never practiced any other dance forms, but she intuitively knew that belly dance was a practice that would emotionally pull her into her body.  About a year into her journey, Dominique stumbled upon Baladi. She was captivated by its earthy pelvic orientation and its spontaneity.  The sensual liberation Egyptian dancers possessed moved her. To Dominique, the Baladi is an ecstatic dance that actualizes what she intuitively knows about “being in your body”. Dominique decided that it was this dance she’d root herself in and allow to be a vehicle for cultivating pleasure.

She interacts with marginalized, lewd femme archetypes to flow past anxiety and discord. Her sumptuous movements are informed by the erotic and have been regarded as a healing balm.



Eszter-Maura is a dancer, writer (and part-time nomad) with almost 25 years of experience in Oriental dance. While she specializes in Egyptian dance, she also has solid foundations in several other dance styles, as well as many years of musical training.

This understanding of different musical and dance traditions is her main tool to help Western belly dancers connect to Egyptian music and dance through their own cultural experience, and create dances based on their own artistic vision, in full respect of source cultures.

Eszter offers classes in-person in Brussels, Belgium, as well as online; you can find her as @eszter.maura on all larger social media platforms.


Tammy Johnson

Tammy Johnson is an Egyptian style belly dancer, producer, somatics coach and culture curator. For over a decade Johnson and Etang Inyang performed as Raks Africa, and co-directed Girls Raks Bellydance and Body Image program. In 2014 she performed in ChimaTEK: Hybridity Visualization Mandala, created by renowned performance visual artists Saya Woolfalk. In 2016 Johnson was a recipient of Deborah Slater’s Studio 210 Residency Program. In 2023 she was a Bridge Live Arts Community Engagement Resident, and a Movement Research Access Movement Play resident. As the director of Project Aiwa, Johnson pours the experience of a twenty-year dance career into the performances and community-based collaborations that she produces.



Brigid Kelly, aka Zumarrad, lives in Christchurch, New
Zealand. She started studying Middle Eastern dance in 1998 and began teaching in 2002. Later she became an independent teacher, researcher, and performer, offering workshops and private classes, creating occasional events and delving deeper into our rich, intriguing and developing dance form.

As a now mature-aged dancer, she loves the opportunities that the baladi offers to go deep and feel strong in the music and her body!

Brigid has studied with teachers in Egypt, Australia, Canada and New Zealand. She also attends adult ballet classes and occasionally dances tango.


Baladi Building Blocks On-Demand Video Exercises:  Short trainings to watch on your own, and work with as your time allows, plus various famous dancer examples to refer to throughout the series. Then we'll drill the key points in the live dance meetings. You'll have BBB for lifetime access to keep applying lessons from the series in your own dance going forwards.

Curation of my previous baladi material: You'll be able to practice with the recommended Baladi DVD drills and the technique work in Baladi from the Ground Up, with a new focus each week of the series. Then in the live meetings and the discussion forum, I'll answer questions and we'll offer demonstrations (myself and the guest teachers working with me) so you can get an even richer experience in developing your technique.

Baladi from the Ground Up

The light coaching series option includes the live meetings and their recordings, and the discussion forum, as well as lifetime access to BBB on demand. You'll also get access to my signature on-demand video coaching programs, to prepare you for coaching, so you can feel safe and comfortable in the group, and be mentally prepared to get the most benefit from my coaching and the support from other series members.

There will be 4-6 live dance + light coaching sessions per time slot, of 1 to 1.5 hours each meeting (with a total of 16 hours of live meetings, all recorded, so you can practice with the recordings during the week too, from late March through late May). Length of each meeting will depend on the number of participants, so each person can get coaching, and attend as many live time slots as possible. If you can't attend live a particular week, you can get coaching on a short video you submit in the online discussion forum.

This 16 hours of live meetings is accessible at both the light and deep coaching options. (The deep coaching option with have 3 additional pod meetings per person). The exact schedule will be set on the availability of members, and if you miss any meetings, they will be recorded, and you can also share your videos in the discussion area in between meetings if you miss a live session.

**A maximum of 12 members will be allowed into the program, to allow for enough coaching time for each person.**

Weekends of live meetings:

BONUS: March 22-23 demo coaching feedback sessions and meet-and-greet - included for early registration folks! $25 for those who have not yet joined or who want to try it to see what it's like - two 1.5-hour sessions:
Friday evening March 22 at 7:30pm EDT
Saturday morning March 23 at 11:00am EDT
Main program meetings:
Because it's a pilot group for this new format, we will keep the numbers to 12 people. Since it's a small group this year, we will finalize the dates and times with members after registration. If you have schedule questions (or want to make sure it will work with your schedule), reach out to me at support@gingercity.com, mention which dates you will be unavailable, and I'll help you determine whether it will work for you to join!
March 30 Saturday morning-early afternoon EDT kickoff meeting (time to be announced)
Then, each of the remaining weekends, one or two meetings of 1-1.5 hours, each Fri-Sat weekend of these (generally alternating time slots week by week, but we'll schedule them around the availability of program members (for example, if someone is traveling and they know the date in advance). We will finalize so the most people in the series can attend for each time; the other time slot each week will be a chance to submit your video if you have to miss the live session that week, and receive feedback in the discussion forum):
April 5-6
April 12-13
April 19-20
April 26-27
May 3-4
May 10-11
May 17-18
May 25-26 closing meetings (one of these time slots may be moved to the previous weekend due to the US holiday, by consensus of members)

What you'll get on top of all that, in the deep coaching series option:

  • 2 full baladi submission videos with detailed personal feedback from me, shared with me and the other deep coaching members only, so you can witness each others' progress
  • 3 live "pod" meetings, spread out over the length of the series, with each dancer getting a half-hour live coaching slot with me, and supportive witnessing from fellow pod members. All recorded so you can review after and also watch the pod meetings of other deep coaching series members you may have missed (for example, if they were in different time zones). 
  • Bonus Goals-setting session with me, to set out your personal goals for the series. 
  • Ongoing discussion in private club in the website discussion forum, accessible on any device
  • Accountability and support buddies - it makes the experience warmer, and you make more progress
  • Lifetime access to video trainings and PDF worksheets in the Ginger City membership site

If you are looking for a supportive container for your own growth as a dancer and as a person, this series will provide it.
You will experience a tangible transformation in your dance in just a few months, 

especially with the deep coaching option.


March 29 - May 31, 2024
While this is the 5th version of the Baladi Coaching Series, it's also a pilot in the new live dance technique, musicality and social dance component. It's going to change your understanding of baladi as just something presented in dance workshops...you'll learn unique teaching and learning tools for training in IMPROVISATION, not only "combos" and choreos. 

This is a very important distinction because it means you'll be learning the dance in the way the musicians play the music. With social context that is not found in most typical dance programs either online or in person, in the worldwide dance scene.

And because of this, we are arranging sessions to accommodate the members of the program. No matter where you are in the world, you'll be able to make at least some of the meetings live, and get personal coaching when you attend.


Can't attend a session? you can post a short video in the discussion group and get short feedback from me there.

The main meetings will be on Friday evenings US Eastern Time (New York) and Saturday mornings US Eastern time (note, we are now on Daylight time = summer time), and we will host additional dates to ensure everyone in the group gets coaching on different sections of dance to go with different aspects of baladi music.

Testimonial - Tammy


Tammy (Oakland, California) | Dance Teacher - She has really taken a lot of time in her personal education to learn about the mechanics in terms of how we move and how we breathe, and what's going even psychologically. She also has a really good appreciation for different body types and different abilities in the dance, and different sensibilities, and it makes a world of difference in her teaching and people's ability to learn and take in things. I also think it encourages people to take risk and chance in a way that they wouldn't [normally do]."

With Ranya, if she doesn't understand she takes the time to understand. She really does listen, and actually engages you. And it encourages you to take risks. I tried out things I had never seen someone with my body type do, because Ranya was talking me through it.

BALADI EMBODIMENT & FULFILLMENT: Is Light or Deep Coaching right for you?

To participate in the Deep Coaching option, or if you are not sure if the Light or Deep Coaching option is best for you, set up a short Zoom or phone interview with me. I can answer your questions so you can make an informed decision.

Especially for the Deep coaching option, it's important that each member understands the commitment to group coaching in the pods format, and is committed to reaching a new level in their dancing and presence, regardless of starting level. 



As a member of the Deep coaching series, you will also have an opportunity to be featured in the Performers in Process talks series in the Ginger City Community Facebook group (#performersinprocess).
You can find previous years' talk recordings in the Facebook group.


by application and interview

Some merit-based work scholarships and equity-based scholarships are available for teachers with experience and current teaching practice. My goal is not only to teach this material, but to mentor others in teaching this material. Reach out with your interest to support@gingercity.com to learn more and to set up an interview. 

Testimonial - Raena


Raena (Dallas-Ft. Worth, Texas) - In my opinion, my dance has catapulted to a whole new level since the first Baladi Coaching session. I've felt the difference in my performances over the summer and also felt it contributed to very positive outcomes in my first solo competitions. People (including judges) have shared great feedback and those who know me more personally have commented that they almost didn't recognize my dancing. One actually said, "Did magic fall into your head or something?"

Now, I've also worked hard mentally during this time and listen to several audio books that were complimentary to improving mindset BUT my decision to do Ranya's program WAS the catalyst for my new approach to dance, physically and mentally. She is extremely in-tune and insightful so she challenges you to step out of your comfort zone in a way that isn't too much. It's a little scary but you can see she believes in you and wants you to be your best you so your feel safe in your attempts. The group setting also offers you great insights. You get to observe others challenging themselves and can observe how it all can apply to you in some way. I don't think I would've gotten as much from private sessions as I did from the group set-up. Highly recommend this class to anyone who wants to level up their dance!

BALADI COACHING SERIES Deep Coaching "pods" participation is by interview only, if you are new to my coaching format, or if you have done coaching with me before but have not yet done the "pods version" of Baladi Coaching Series or Bring Your Best. The reason is that I want to be sure everyone who signs up understands the commitment to one's fellow podmates, because it's the secret to your success in the series. Sign up for a meeting with me to discuss over Zoom video or phone. If you don't see a time that works for you, just reach out via the chatbot or email me at support@gingercity.com with BCS INTERVIEW in the subject heading.

Note - if you are concerned about fitting into a pod that is at a time you can actually do, without waking up in the middle of the night, don't worry! We have never had a problem finding a place for each person in a pod, even from far-off time zones. In the last series we had one pod with members from Hong Kong, New Zealand, US East Coast and US West Coast, all in the same coaching group. We will always find a spot to welcome you. It makes the world a little smaller, in a good way 🙂


Ranya Renee

You can read more about my coaching methods and how I've adapted them for online work here.

Do you believe you can make fast progress towards your performance goals? I do. In just a few months? Yes.
Simply put, that is what we do in my series. And it gets better every year - after almost 20 years of coaching in this format, I'm always stretching myself to improve as a coach, and to find solutions where other teachers might not have been able to help.
If you are ready to jump up a level (or two or three!) in just a few months, and you are ready to dig deep, I'll help you get there. 

You can read more about my coaching methods and how I've adapted them for online work here.

Do you believe you can make fast progress towards your performance goals? I do. In just 3 or 4 months? Yes.
Simply put, that is what we do in my series. And it gets better every year - after almost 20 years of coaching in this format, I'm always stretching myself to improve as a coach, and to find solutions where other teachers might not have been able to help.

If you are ready to jump up a level or two or three in just a few months, and you are ready to dig deep, I'll help you get there.

The results I've seen from dancers of all levels are inspiring. If you join us, you will make progress during the time of the series, period. It may be the type of progress you would expect..... and it may be something you didn’t even think about before. And it will probably surpass your expectations.

But if you have any doubts, you can speak to any of the dancers who have done my series previously. There's a reason most series members come back to attend another program, and another, and another, each time reaching a new level in their artistry and confidence. Reach out to one of them on Facebook, or I can send you their way. They can speak to what they experienced from their own participation, and the progress they saw in fellow participants over the course of the series.

Participants in my coaching series have said that the series "add up to much more than the sum of its parts" …and I think you'll agree!

Ginger City - Ranya Renee

You'll be surprised what you can accomplish in just a short time frame, when you are part of a committed group of dancers supporting each other!

The results I've seen from dancers of all levels are inspiring. If you join us, you will make progress during the time of the series, period. It may be the type of progress you would expect..... and it may be something you didn’t even think about before. And it will probably surpass your expectations.

But if you have any doubts, you can speak to any of the dancers who have done my series previously. (Or watch the "pop-up" video testimonials reel on this page, on desktop or tablet - reload the page to load the pop-up again). There's a reason most series members come back to attend another program, and another, and another, each time reaching a new level in their artistry and confidence. Reach out to one of them in the free GC Facebook group, or I can send you their way. They can speak to what they experienced from their own participation, and to the progress they saw in fellow participants over the course of the series.

Participants in my coaching series have said that it "adds up to much more than the sum of its parts" …and I think you'll agree! 



I feel my dancing improved a lot in a short time

I would just like to say how much I enjoyed working with Ranya on her initial coaching class. I am not a tech person but learned a lot about taping my routine.. submitting it to her for critique….video conference..etc. Don't let any fears on the tech side stop you from signing up… If I can manage it anyone can! The one-on-one part of the coaching was excellent as was working in the group…The first time I met everyone online was a little nerve-wracking as I didn't know what to expect, but as the course went on these sessions became a favorite part of the experience. I have no problems in highly recommending this course and feel my dancing improved a lot in a short time.


San Antonio, Texas

it was worth every penny

I was a little bit hesitant going into it. Because at first when you look at it you think "that's a good bit of money to invest into it." But really it was worth every penny. Because receiving that individualized attention, but also getting that community of your peers helping you as well- you don’t find that anywhere else.

Sometimes workshops can turn into competitions, but there was never that feeling with [Ranya's coaching series]. Ranya is very good about keeping everything very positive. Everyone wants to help you be your best.

Evelyn Wong


It was such a wonderful experience taking Ranya's online coaching

She is an excellent teacher with her pool of knowledge and patience….What I enjoyed was the fun dance learning communication across the globe and the stack of pointers that she gave to each student.


Ask additional questions using the yellow chatbot at lower right, or email to support@gingercity.com. I'll answer you by email, and also keep adding FAQs on this page.

What if I can't make one of the workshop weeks?

No worries! Catch up with the exercises and discussion when you have time - it will all be there for you. If you are not able to submit a video exercise by the deadline for that week, you won't get feedback for that week but you can learn a lot by watching others' feedback from me. All feedback and live meetings are recorded, and you'll have lifetime access to all materials so you can return to them again and again.

Nervous about getting coaching live... I might feel self-conscious...

I understand! Many people feel a little nervous at first, but remember, this program is designed as a supportive container for exploration and growth. It's like a laboratory for trying on the dance, and sharing your experience with others. After the first time, and after you see others participating, you will likely get more comfortable with it! You'll gain confidence by doing it, and not trying to do something "perfect". You can also let me know if you prefer to get direct feedback while you are dancing or after you finish. Trust in the process: it's how you will make the most progress, and you will feel supported by me and the group.

When are the live meeting dates?

Live meeting times will be selected to accommodate different time zones around the world, based on the members in the light and deep coaching programs. Friday evenings US Eastern time and Saturday mornings US Eastern time are two of the planned time slots for meetings, but we will adjust the times based on group members. All trainings, feedback videos and live meetings are recorded, so even if you have to miss one, you'll be able to watch after, and get your feedback and your questions answered. Because the program has international participants, you can participate in nearly all of it asynchronously and still keep up with the group. Online discussions and the live meetings and their recordings provide accountability and a sense of community that helps people make breakthroughs. If you have to miss a week, it's ok: you can jump back in after. You can also record short video and share it in the discussion threads to ask questions or get feedback, if you have to miss a meeting.

I live in a far-off timezone - how can I participate?

For the live meetings, we'll set times to accommodate different timezones. We'll do outreach to members to see where everyone is located, and set one or two meeting times to accommodate everyone. Even if you miss the meeting, don't worry, you can still get feedback from me on your submitted videos, and the meetings also will be recorded and posted so you can watch after. The video gallery is open 24/7 to watch, and so is the club, for contributing to the discussions.

Do I need to have my camera on the whole time?

You will not have to dance live on camera during the light coaching trainings, if you prefer not to (though I won't be able to coach you if I can't see you!). Camera on means I can give you feedback -- if you want it. During the live meetings there will be times you'll want to have your camera on (such as in the breakout groups for short live discussion in groups of 2 or 3) but if you have a restriction with internet speed, we can arrange for you to join by audio only for those. We try to accommodate! And you can always watch the video recordings after, on your own. If you are in a pod as part of the deeper coaching option, we do have cameras on, to provide support and witnessing for other group members who are dancing.

 Set up a meeting to speak with me if you have questions, via support@gingercity.com or the yellow chatbot on this page.  I want you to feel comfortable that this is the right program for you, before signing up.

Testimonial - Bobbie


Bobbie (Victoria, BC) | Dance Teacher - I really appreciated how positive Ranya's critique was for myself and everyone else. Not once did I feel threatened or judged. She created a very safe and supportive atmosphere and I appreciate that she shared some of her own personal struggles and process. I also liked working an a small group for the conference sessions. At first I was intimidated to be critiqued in front of others, but as we got going I found it was helpful to see everyone else being critiqued too. Often the concepts and skills they were working on were applicable to me personally, and I was able to listen to and evaluate all the critique in a more objective way than when it was just my own feedback, if that makes sense. I LOVED seeing other's personalities and musicality come through their dance. It was inspiring and made me that much more excited about my own creative process and interpretation.

Trying to decide if BCS would a good fit for you?

No problem! I'm happy to speak with you about it. Email support@gingercity.com or block out calendar slot for a call with me to discuss whether one or both of these programs would be a good fit for your needs.

You can also check out our previous 2022 Baladi Coaching Series showcase for an idea of what you can accomplish in the series!

THE GINGER CITY IS PRO-EQUITY. A limited number of equity-based partial scholarships will be given (contact me at support@gingercity.com for details on applying.    This is the info about the scholarship fund (donations welcome).   Reach out with any questions via email or the yellow chatbot link at bottom right.

After you register, you'll also be given access to the online Coaching Prep videos and welcome materials, which will be on an easy-access login page. Then you can start prepping and getting excited about the series! You can start work on the initial questionnaire, and start watching the Baladi DVD, or review it if it's been a while 😉 and also start Baladi from the Ground Up or review it, to start getting connected to the technique fundamentals, and ground yourself for an amazing ride.

Can't wait to work with you!!

Ranya Renee


BALADI COACHING SERIES *5* LIGHT COACHING (Includes BBB lifetime access, discussion forum, all live dance sessions & their recordings, with personal short coaching from me at the live sessions and in short feedback in the discussion forum, with option to upgrade to Deep option later if you wish):
3 payments of $133

BALADI COACHING SERIES *5* DEEP COACHING (Includes BBB lifetime access, discussion forum, all live dance sessions & their recordings, with personal short coaching from me at the live sessions and in short feedback in the discussion forum, plus separate private and personal submitted-video feedback from me, on 2 full-baladi videos (3 if you sign up for the Deep option by March 20), plus 3 half-hour coaching slots at scheduled pod meetings, and access to all the live coaching recordings: 
3 payments of $333


Besides registering for BCS below, you will also need to have access to my Baladi DVD (also available by streaming and on Amazon or other stores) and Baladi from the Ground Up (from the Ginger City website) during the program, since we'll be using them in the series, and I'll refer to them. Some folks will have these already, but if you don't, you can get them at a reasonable rate.

If you don't have them already, you will be able to purchase them as part of your order - watch for the pop-up screens after you make your initial payment, or purchase the programs directly from the home page at GingerCity.com (or for streaming of the Baladi DVD - it is a product of World Dance New York, streamable on Vimeo).

If you are a real music geek, you may also want to order my Taqasim DVD or the bundle of my three DVDs, and we do ship internationally if you can't get the DVDs in your area (And I'll sign your DVD for you 🙂 To make it easy, it is possible to add these to your registration when you sign up for BCS below).

Hope to see you in the program! - Ranya

Questions not answered here? Reach out for answers! I know it's a lot of info to process, especially if you are new to the Ginger City coaching experience. Feel free to contact me at support@gingercity.com or via the yellow chat app link at bottom right of this page, and I'll reply. We can arrange a Zoom or phone call if you wish, to determine if the series is right for your needs at this time. 🙂

Testimonial - Kaohsiung


Penny Ting (Kaohsiung, Taiwan) | Dance Teacher - I feel grateful for Ranya's coaching series, and I am very happy that I have registered for this course. This is a very different learning experience. The discussion and supportive comments from fellow dancers are the most precious ones I have gotten from this course. Ranya encouraged everyone to give specific comments on each piece, and so I learned to appreciate every different style and every level of dance in this group.

I once fell in some certain styles of dance, but after this course, I broadened my perspectives on various styles. I start to think about how each dancer's personality shapes this dance, and I should not follow other's footprints but create my own. I was not confident in my own choreography and always wanted to try to add more steps in it, but neglected the power of presenting true emotions. In this course, I learned how to show my emotions (which is also my ultimate goal when taking this course), and so the dance will come out naturally.

The breathing technique and the imagery training (painting the room, creating characters, etc.) are also amazing. I've tried to implement these ideas in my different dance pieces and I do find they work very well. This course also helped my teaching, that now I can teach other than techniques and have students go deeper into the meaning of the dance.

Testimonial - Mimi


Mimi (Edmonton, Canada) - Ranya Renee is a master instructor. Her wealth of knowledge is uncommon and she delivers her unique message in a variety of ways which make understanding the method abundantly clear. Ranya's teaching involves dance movement, body mechanics, and musicality, but extends further to context, history, culture, theatre and comedy. The online meeting environment is safe and supportive and one can make friends for a lifetime. ...The Baladi Coaching, Bring Your Best! and Breathwork for Performance series were invaluable experiences for me. The challenges were many, as were the rewards. These courses are for any dancer who is ready to excel towards more intelligent, confident, and exquisite performances. Forever, thank-you, Ranya! I already miss you.

Copyright 2021+ Ginger City LLC - All rights reserved

Copyright 2021+ Ginger City LLC - All rights reserved