Baladi Coaching Series *4* Showcase 2022: The Replay

Dancers in the recent Baladi Coaching Series dug deeply into Egyptian baladi, bringing out the real connection of this music in themselves and sharing it with the camera, recreating the social flavor of the dance across the interwebs. This is not the paint-by-numbers modern baladi of folklore stages, but a taste of home from the dancers' homes... something fresh for you!

Friends and family, colleagues and members of the dance community, enjoy this show on the replay - videos are below.
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THE SHOW! (see dancer order below)

Pauline Caux (Montreal, Canada) - 00:00:00

Lisa (San Antonio, Texas) - 00:04:34

Tammy (Pennsylvania) - 00:09:07

Andrea (California) - 00:12:45

Lydia (California) - 00:15:43

Hadyr (Utrecht, Netherlands) - 00:18:46

Cindy Tate (North Carolina) - 00:21:39

Walladah (Hull, UK/Greece) - 00:25:54

FiFi Faatina (Florida) - 00:30:13
Annya Ishtara (New Mexico) - 00:33:36
Dominique Moon (North Carolina) - 00:37:23
Julia Eberling (Stuttgart, Germany) - 00:40:25
Krystal Nicole (Maryland) - 00:45:00

Zumarrad (Christchurch, NZ)   - 00:48:20

Tammy Johnson (Oakland, California) - 00:51:29
Jane Tang (Hong Kong) - 00:53:56


Ranya Renée (NYC)  - 00:02:30

Post-show sharing from BCS 4 dancers - 00:10:00

Closing remarks from Ranya -00:26:20


Ranya Renée (NYC)  - 00:02:30

Post-show sharing from BCS 4 dancers - 00:14:00

Closing remarks from Ranya -00:36:45

Pauline has been dancing on and off since 20 years and enjoys teaching to Fabulous Ladies for the last 6 years. Being fond of Egyptian culture, dance and music, she is very happy to have worked with Ranya on her Baladi self.

Lisa from San Antonio, Texas: "I have learned from a variety of teachers and have an eclectic dance style. Lately, I've been learning more about Baladi because I'm attracted to it like a ginormous magnet. It's earthy, organic, unplanned yet aligned, mesmerizing, audience-intimate, and a mastery of the understated -- What's not to adore?!" 

Tammy is from Huntingdon, PA. She has a special passion for Egyptian dance, and has tremendously enjoyed her learning experience in the Baladi Coaching Series. She's looking forward to continuing her journey and sharing the joy of this dance. She's very grateful for this opportunity to work with Ranya, to deepen her knowledge, understanding and technique in Baladi dance. She is also grateful for the opportunity to travel to Egypt to experience the cultural roots of this dance as well.

Andrea is from the Bay Area and is pleased to be part of this series and show!

Lydia, from Fresno, California is a longtime dancer and happy to be a part of the series.

Hadyr of Utrecht, Netherlands: "Bellydance gives a lot of sparkle in my life. Because it has such beautiful music, lovely moves and I meet great women who also love this art form. I dance for over 20 years and I hope to keep on dancing many more years."

Cindy is a musician and dancer in Boone, NC. After stepping into the world of dance over a decade ago, she dedicated her subsequent years to exploring and learning dance and music of Middle Eastern/North African cultures. Currently, she studies and performs Egyptian and Turkish belly dance.

Walladah is a dancer, musician, singer and eternal dance student. 

FiFi Faatina lives in Naples, Florida and has been bellydancing for 19 years. She enjoys rehabbing vintage costumes in her spare time. When FiFi is not dancing, she runs an executive coaching and recruiting firm with her husband. Together they have one son living in California, a Jack Russell rescue, Patch, and two birds, Ollie and Romeo. She believes her success and happiness in her business and personal life are directly related to her passion for belly dancing!

Annya Ishtara is based in northern New Mexico, and is a dance and QiGong teacher. She has been dancing Turkish and American Cabaret dance for many years, and has enjoyed digging into baladi in this series! 

Dominique Moon is a multi-disciplinary artist based out Eastern North Carolina. She has studied Egyptian dance for almost 6 years. Dominique has a deep appreciation for improvisational music of North African, inclusive of the Baladi.

Julia Eberling has been dancing for more than 25 years and is active as a professional belly dancer in the South of Germany where she also runs a small dance studio. Very much in love with the Egyptian style she has dedicated herself exclusively to it and is always looking for opportunities to learn more about it. In performing and teaching she hopes to be able to share her delight and enjoyment of this dance. 

Krystal Nicole is a dancer from Maryland and is honored to dance and present what she has gained from the Baladi coaching series!

Zumarrad, also known as Brigid Kelly, is a passionate supporter of Egyptian popular arts. She has been studying belly dance from her home base in Otautahi (Christchurch) since 1998. Her research into New Zealand bellydance took her to Canada in 2010, she regularly visits Australia for a live music fix, and in 2019 she finally achieved her dream to visit Egypt - she'll be back! 

Tammy Johnson is a producer, writer, cultural strategist, equity consultant and conjurer. An Egyptian style bellydancer and the director of Project Aiwa, where she produces performances, workshops and community-based collaborations. Her work is based on the belief that there can be no true revolution without collective healing.

Jane Tang of Hong Kong: "I started bellydance more than 10 years ago. Now I do mostly Egyptian styles. Baladi is one of my favorite dance styles. I loved its juiciness and grounded feeling. I also joined quite a few of Ranya's online course. I learnt and improved a lot throughout the process."

Ranya Renée, of New York City, began her performing career as a young actress, and has been bellydancing since 1990. She specializes in traditional Egyptian oriental, baladi, and folkloric dance, performance-skills training and breathwork, and teaches internationally. Her DVDs  (The Baladi, Modern Oriental, and Bellydance Taqasim) have earned rave reviews from bellydancers worldwide. In 2015 Ranya completed an M.A. in psychology, focusing on aspects of cognitive psychology and embodiment in the context of performance. In addition to bellydancing, Ranya now teaches Pilates, Barre, and yoga, and coaches performers and presenters in increasing their stage presence through physical and mental training. Ranya’s online Ginger City studio offers live and prerecorded courses on baladi, Breathwork for Performance, Arabic musicality, and other topics, along with coaching group series, talks and discussions. Join the email list at, and on Facebook: Ginger City Community.

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