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Watch this video breakdown from me, all about the Acting for Dancers program and what's new for AFD 2024:

I'm Ranya Renee, and I invite you to join me for this year's live run of my powerful ACTING FOR DANCERS training!

You'll enhance your dance performances, and build your confidence, creativity, and audience connection -- for any kind of dance.

AFD can be taken on its own or with my performance coaching series, BRING YOUR BEST.

You are going to love this series!

I have heard from so many of the 2021 ACTING FOR DANCERS participants that this program was a game-changer for them, and that it's a must-do if you haven't joined yet.

I believe you'll find it as impactful as they did!

ACTING FOR DANCERS is comprised of four integrated programs. 

Each one builds on the next, and you will have a suite of techniques to use by the end of the program! 

And there is a special tool that I've been using in secret for my whole dance career: Movie Trailer Technique, which I'll be teaching for the first time online in 2024.

Read through the information. If you want to discuss the series with me and whether it's a good fit for your needs, you can set up an appointment to connect with me (just reach out to me at and we'll set it up!).


AFD is about sharing what I wish every dancer could have: the acting background I had when I started my career... specific to solo dance work.

By the end of the AFD series, you'll have a full toolbox of acting techniques to apply to your dancing, with (if you do the live coaching component) feedback recommendations specific to you that you can continue to develop.


Dance movements by themselves are just physical exercise.

To go beyond your own body to truly reach an audience, acting skills can help get you there. That's the expression.

Many dancers work on the choreography and the technique first, without "acting it"...and then try to add breathing and feeling later. NOPE!!!

It's more effective to integrate acting and breathwork techniques into the dance movements, both for the success of the movements and the success of the performer. Actually, for the success of the whole performance.

You shouldn't settle for being just a dancer with movements, if you really want to move people.


When you look at your videos, does your true feeling and love of the music come across, fully? 

if you don't feel you have yet reached your potential as a performer,

if you are looking for some inspiration to spice up your dance during these weird times,

and you want to be fully respected for your talent as well as feeling safe enough to take risks that will pay off... then these brand-new LIVE programs may be just the thing for you.

If you are ready to commit to yourself, you WILL reap the benefits.


- Mental and physical work to be fully present onstage from the beginning (not just after you warm up to the audience or after the audience warms up to you!)

- Online vs. in-person audience connection techniques (including how to work with the camera so you don't look like a shy robot! ...or )

- Applied meditation for performance (including my own pre-show self-calming rituals)

- Breathwork for Performance (practice in this technique will change your performances forever for the better!)

- Character/persona exercises (yes, you can be someone else and still be yourself!)

- Juicy, yummy sensory work (enjoy all the feelings in your dance as you capture the audience's attention)

- Soundtrack of classic and modern music (with a few musical curveballs in the mix)

- Video sharing with custom app, in a protected platform where you get to know your fellow dancers, and share progress and support in a safe, motivating environment.

- Recorded video trainings, live meetings, and short personalized coaching of all members (you will be treated as a unique individual, and get feedback that is extremely specific to you, not just general feel-good tips).

- Take it further: AFD lays the groundwork that you will apply in my Bring Your Best coaching series. BYB flows seamlessly from AFD so you can apply the acting techniques to the music you will perform to, in preparing for a show "in real life" or for our online showcase!

About the ACTING FOR DANCERS four component on-demand workshop programs
You'll get lifetime access to ALL of these:

The strangeness of the Covid era has changed the definition of performance, and heightened the distinction between on and offstage in the digital age In this program, we'll be addressing ways to feel safer "putting yourself out there"... whether it's in front of a camera (recording or for livestream) or any in-person performance situation, no matter the setting. I'll be leading candid discussions of what it means to be "onstage" and how to deal with the obstacles that come up, so you can get into your "zone" reliably. Can you show up and perform even when stressed or preoccupied? This program will give you the tools to do that.
- Meditation and mindfulness practice for "real-life" and onstage applications
- Visualizations and breathwork to create a feeling of protection and agency for yourself in performance
- Building confidence with the tricky transition from offstage to onstage
- Development of routines and practice to improve your focus for performance
- Accountability tools and buddies to develop practice habits together during the program... and after...

Working with the five senses enhances our performances SO MUCH. It connects our physical experience, and memories of our experience, to our performance. And it connects our physical experience to the physical memories of audience members, enhancing our connection with them, and therefore making our work more relevant to them.
In this series, we'll use "method" and physical acting techniques to get in touch with the feelings we want to share... making our dance more meaningful to us and to our audiences.
- Work with objects (props) and environments that elicit sensory connection (we'll be making some fun videos here!)
- “Sense memory” - tapping into our physical memories and applying them even when the object is not present
- Musical connection - Application of sensory techniques and sense memory work to melody and rhythm for improvisation and choreography

Even if we are performing "as ourselves," we are stepping into a role the moment we go onstage (whether online in front of a camera, or in-person). And who says we have to stick to just one role over the course of one dance? It brings us freedom, to explore different characters, as in-built parts of ourselves or as personas quite different from how we usually present ourselves. This is one of the most fun workshops I ever developed in New York, and I'm excited to share it as a series online!
- Exploring the characters within our own personality and ways of being
- Different acting approaches to character-building
- Working with archetypes and famous figures
- Applying character work to musical moments in a piece
Inspiration and analysis methods to help identify your own constitutional and personality type: You can apply this in physicalizing characters in a way that is still balanced for your baseline body and personality.

What I mean by this is creating relationships even if you are dancing solo, to enhance how much the audience cares about your performance. (And those relationships don't need to be only with the audience, though that will be included in this program.) You can interact with imaginary people, creatures, and landscapes, onstage through your imagination.
How does this work?  Eye contact with an audience can sometimes feel scary, but you have more options for confident eye gaze onstage than you may realize. It doesn't always have to be the audience members you are looking at! In some cases you will want to connect eye to eye with an audience member, but other times (or even for a whole performance), you can tap into imaginary relationships with imaginary characters in your narrative. It may sound funny, but if you have seen me perform, I use this technique in nearly every performance. This builds on the Character in Performance work.
- Learn how to create imaginary characters for your own character to interact with (I can't wait for the video clips on these!!!)
- Build that dialogue through your reactions, making this other "person" real for yourself in that moment
- Enlist audience members to be characters in your narrative, to make them feel more relevant to your performance.
- Learn to direct your eye gaze and place your imaginary friends (or enemies!) around your performance space (whether online or through a webcam)
PS: all of this is in your own head! You don't have to get anyone else up on stage for it to work. 🙂

We'll have live Zoom meet-and-greets to kick off the AFD series, so you can get to know fellow members and build comfort and camaraderie with each other. 


- Short video trainings and challenge exercises, with recommended short video submissions from you (as short as 20 seconds in some cases!), to share your work on the exercises (shared video galleries for participants - creative and enjoyable!)

- Feedback from me in the live sessions as well as support in the discussion forum

- Ongoing discussion in the discussion forum, accessible on any device

- Accountability and support to stay on track with your practice and share with others

- Lifetime access to the AFD video trainings in the Ginger City membership site


When we sign up, will we get instant access to the AFD materials? You will be able to start working through the on-demand AFD video materials starting June 14, 2024!  If you sign up after that date, you'll get instant access.

When do the meetings start?  We start in late June 2024 with meet-and-greet sessions over Zoom (to accommodate a variety of time zones and schedules). 

How long are the meetings? How many are there? And when are they? Meetings will be 1 hour to 1.5 hours in length, and there will be 2-4 per month for the length of the series.

What do we do in the meetings?  Some of these meetings will be group coaching, some will offer a chance for a few people to get deeper feedback, and some will be discussion, with Ranya and with facilitators who have previously been in Ranya's coaching series and are also participating in the live program. We will set the schedule based on the members in the series, to be sure all time zones are accounted for. Because there is an optional coaching component, we want you to be able to attend as many meetings as you can, if you want to get coaching feedback.

Do I need to have my camera on? Camera-on is encouraged but not a requirement in Acting for Dancers. We want you to feel comfortable! If you do want coaching feedback, you'll want to have camera on, and if you are speaking to fellow members, especially in a breakout room or small group discussion, camera on is encouraged. 

When does AFD finish? We will finish in late October, with an Acting for Dancers/Bring Your Best online video showcase. 

What if I can't attend all the meetings? Since this is the summer season for many of us (including me), this program is "travel friendly" and easy to participate in, even if you are on the go, or unavailable for certain weeks. All the Zoom meetings will be recorded and you'll have the whole time of the series to watch them.

What if I can't watch the recorded videos before the meetings? Will I be lost? Watching the trainings is recommended, but you can still show up for a meeting and practice the exercises live! You'll get more out of it live, if you at least listen to the content in advance.

Do I have to share videos? Sharing videos to the course gallery is optional... but you'll get so much more out of the program if you join in! These are private videos only for AFD members, so it's a safe space to explore, and we make every effort for you to feel as comfortable as possible in sharing. We are trying things out, to see what the acting techniques can give us. And it is really cool to watch everyone's videos!

How do we share videos? We have a video app that makes it easy to record your videos and upload to the private gallery, from any device. You'll be able to watch all the submissions and enjoy the creativity of your fellow dancers, while gaining confidence trying the acting techniques taught in the program.

Are there any equity-based scholarships available? We offer a limited number of partial equity scholarships to dance teachers who belong to historically marginalized groups, for participation in the Acting for Dancers/Bring Your Best series. Reach out to us at for more information or to apply.

Ask additional questions using the yellow chatbot at lower right, or email me at I'll get back to you as soon as I can. 

Roslyn Hart New Zealand

I cannot recommend Ranya enough!


Before I met Ranya I felt like I wanted to speak but I had no voice. Through Ranya’s coaching methods she has taught me how to unlock my potential and become a really effective performer and artist. Now I feel like I can truly connect with myself, my audience and share my voice through my dance. Learning how to dance from my core, how to focus my attention and use of breath work through Ranya’s methods has really transformed my dance. I cannot recommend Ranya enough. If you truly want to invest in your dance and take it to another level, invest in Ranya, you won’t regret it!

The piece that I was working on with Ranya grew exponentially.

I was working up to a competition, and the piece that I was working on with Ranya, it grew exponentially. I was so proud of it. I went to the competition and I was in six categories and I placed first second or third out of five of the six. The breathwork is magic.

Heather, Yakima, Washington Yakima, Washington
Tammy, Oakland, California dance teacher

She really does listen, and actually engages you. And it encourages you to take risks.


She has really taken a lot of time in her personal education to learn about the mechanics in terms of how we move and how we breathe, and what's going even psychologically. She also has a really good appreciation for different body types and different abilities in the dance, and different sensibilities, and it makes a world of difference in her teaching and people's ability to learn and take in things. I also think it encourages people to take risk and chance in a way that they wouldn't [normally do]. "

With Ranya, if she doesn't understand she takes the time to understand. She really does listen, and actually engages you. And it encourages you to take risks. I tried out things I had never seen someone with my body type do, because Ranya was talking me through it.

I feel my dancing improved a lot in a short time.

I would just like to say how much I enjoyed working with Ranya on her initial coaching class. I am not a tech person but learned a lot about taping my routine.. submitting it to her for critique….video conference..etc. Don’t let any fears on the tech side stop you from signing up… If I can manage it anyone can! The one-on-one part of the coaching was excellent as was working in the group…The first time I met everyone online was a little nerve-wracking as I didn’t know what to expect, but as the course went on these sessions became a favorite part of the experience. I have no problems in highly recommending this course and feel my dancing improved a lot in a short time.

Jim, Saskatchewan
Julia Stuttgart, Germany

Ranya's coaching is genius!


I am largely self-taught and I was used to filming myself in order to analyse and improve my dancing, so I already had a lot of ideas about what might be better. But Ranya made me realize things I would never have seen by myself. Her comments are always spot on and at the same time always super encouraging. And she will not only tell you what kind of changes might improve your dance but also how to achieve them. Especially her expertise on stage presence and performance qualities is invaluable and makes her coaching format unique. I highly recommend her program to any dancer who wants to not only dance better but also feel better about their dance.

It was such a wonderful experience taking Ranya’s online coaching.

She is an excellent teacher with her pool of knowledge and patience….What I enjoyed was the fun dance learning communication across the globe and the stack of pointers that she gave to each student.

Evelyn Wong, Singapore
Raena Dallas-Ft. Worth, Texas

My dance has catapulted to a whole new level


“In my opinion, my dance has catapulted to a whole new level since the first Baladi Coaching session. I’ve felt the difference in my performances over the summer and also felt it contributed to very positive outcomes in my first solo competitions. People (including judges) have shared great feedback and those who know me more personally have commented that they almost didn’t recognize my dancing. One actually said, “Did magic fall into your head or something?” Now, I’ve also worked hard mentally during this time and listen to several audio books that were complimentary to improving mindset BUT my decision to do Ranya’s program WAS the catalyst for my new approach to dance, physically and mentally. She is extremely in-tune and insightful so she challenges you to step out of your comfort zone in a way that isn’t too much. It’s a little scary but you can see she believes in you and wants you to be your best you so your feel safe in your attempts. The group setting also offers you great insights. You get to observe others challenging themselves and can observe how it all can apply to you in some way. I don’t think I would’ve gotten as much from private sessions as I did from the group set-up. Highly recommend this class to anyone who wants to level up their dance!

Bobbie, Victoria, BC dance teacher

I LOVED seeing other’s personalities and musicality come through their dance.


I really appreciated how positive Ranya’s critique was for myself and everyone else. Not once did I feel threatened or judged. She created a very safe and supportive atmosphere and I appreciate that she shared some of her own personal struggles and process. I also liked working an a small group for the conference sessions. At first I was intimidated to be critiqued in front of others, but as we got going I found it was helpful to see everyone else being critiqued too. Often the concepts and skills they were working on were applicable to me personally, and I was able to listen to and evaluate all the critique in a more objective way than when it was just my own feedback, if that makes sense. I LOVED seeing other’s personalities and musicality come through their dance. It was inspiring and made me that much more excited about my own creative process and interpretation.

Penny Ting dance teacher, Kaohsiung, Taiwan

This is a very different learning experience.


I feel grateful for Ranya's coaching series, and I am very happy that I have registered for this course. This is a very different learning experience. The discussion and supportive comments from fellow dancers are the most precious ones I have gotten from this course. Ranya encouraged everyone to give specific comments on each piece, and so I learned to appreciate every different style and every level of dance in this group.

I once fell in some certain styles of dance, but after this course, I broadened my perspectives on various styles. I start to think about how each dancer's personality shapes this dance, and I should not follow other's footprints but create my own. I was not confident in my own choreography and always wanted to try to add more steps in it, but neglected the power of presenting true emotions. In this course, I learned how to show my emotions (which is also my ultimate goal when taking this course), and so the dance will come out naturally.

The breathing technique and the imagery training (painting the room, creating characters, etc.) are also amazing. I've tried to implement these ideas in my different dance pieces and I do find they work very well. This course also helped my teaching, that now I can teach other than techniques and have students go deeper into the meaning of the dance.


You can read more about my coaching methods and how I’ve adapted them for online work here.

Do you believe you can make fast progress towards your performance goals? I do. 
The results I've seen from dancers of all levels are inspiring. If you join us, you will make progress during the time of the series, period.  It may be the type of progress you would expect..... and it may be something you didn’t even think about before. And it will probably surpass your expectations.

But if you have any doubts, you can speak to any of the dancers who have done my series previously. Reach out to one of them on Facebook, or I can send you their way. They can speak to what they experienced from their own participation, and what they saw in fellow participants over the course of the series.

Participants in my coaching series have said that the series “add up to much more than the sum of its parts” …and I think you’ll agree!

If you don't have it already, you can get Raise Your Stage Presence at a discounted rate (20% off)

And you can also get Breathwork for Performance at a reduced rate of $99 (spread out in 3 monthly payments of $33). After you purchase AFD, on the next screen you'll see an offer to add BFP. Breathwork for Performance is an integral part of my coaching method, so it's a natural pairing with the Bring Your Best coaching series. You will be absorbing and applying these concepts to accelerate your progress in the series. You can gradually absorb and integrate this work into your piece with plenty of reinforcement of these powerful practices. Calming your nerves, preparing to go out onstage, settling into yourself, connecting with your music, connecting with your space, connecting with your audience, self-acceptance and "uplift," letting go of self-doubt or feelings of judgment from others... ALL OF IT will be in there for you, with practice you can directly apply to your performance piece for the coaching series!

You’ll be surprised what you can accomplish in just a short time frame, when you are part of a committed group of dancers supporting each other!

Mimi, Edmonton, Canada

These courses are for any dancer who is ready to excel towards more intelligent, confident, and exquisite performances.


Ranya Renee is a master instructor. Her wealth of knowledge is uncommon and she delivers her unique message in a variety of ways which make understanding the method abundantly clear. Ranya’s teaching involves dance movement, body mechanics, and musicality, but extends further to context, history, culture, theatre and comedy. She is extremely funny. The online meeting environment is safe and supportive and one can make friends for a lifetime. ...The Baladi Coaching, Bring Your Best! and Breathwork for Performance series were invaluable experiences for me. The challenges were many, as were the rewards. These courses are for any dancer who is ready to excel towards more intelligent, confident, and exquisite performances. Forever, thank-you, Ranya! I already miss you.

It was worth every penny.

I was a little bit hesitant going into it. Because at first when you look at it you think 'that's a good bit of money to invest into it." But really it was worth every penny. Because receiving that individualized attention, but also getting that community of your peers helping you as well- you don’t find that anywhere else. Sometimes workshops can turn into competitions, but there was never that feeling with [Ranya’s coaching series]. Ranya is very good about keeping everything very positive. Everyone wants to help you be your best.

Jamie, San Antonio, Texas , San Antonio, Texas

Looking forward to having you in the program!   

- Ranya