Got a performance coming up?

Showcase? Competition? Club gig?

Prepare yourself mentally and physically to share your art and your spirit with a live audience. 

Many of us are coming out of hibernation and are ready to connect!

But there is an adjustment to make, in returning to in-person, and it can feel really emotional and even raw... The protection of our screens is no longer there. 

Using your own breathing, you can reach out to the audience in a bigger and more powerful way.

Bridge the gap between yourself and your audience, and calm your own nerves, using these career-changing techniques. 

So the audience can focus on you and your art... and not on your nerves!

This method was the secret to my performance career (from 1996), and once you experience it in your own dance, you won't go back.

Get your fabulous self ready for your upcoming performances, with a rare 25% discount on these on-demand performance-focused programs, for lifetime access, at Use the coupon SHOWTIME2023 -- discount only till June 1:

Breathwork for Performance (comprehensive stage presence program using breathwork)

Breathwork for Bellydance (introduction to breathwork to integrate with your dance technique)

Map Your Music (working with storyline, narrative arc, and dramatic points in your music)

Nerd Clinic: Perceptual & Cognitive Factors in Performance (for the super geeks! )

Performance with Purpose (overcoming "impostor syndrome" and working through the mental baggage, to put yourself boldly out there)

Raise Your Stage Presence (manage your own "backstage" and "onstage" in your mind for greater presence and confidence)

Work the Stage (manage your stage to best showcase your work and control the audience and your relationship with them; includes next-level Breathwork for Performance skills using muscle engagement)

and these bundles containing several of the above courses:

Performance Psychology Bundle (includes Nerd Clinic, Raise Your Stage Presence, Work the Stage)

Performance Skills for Dancers Bundle (includes Breathwork for Performance, Map Your Music, Nerd Clinic, Raise Your Stage Presence, Work the Stage)

Enter coupon code SHOWTIME2023 by June 1 to get lifetime access at 25% off -- and have a great show!! 🥰

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