End of 2021 GC Specials

On-Demand Programs at the Ginger City

These End-of-Year Specials will be available Dec. 20-30:

  • Grab a last-minute gift for yourself or a dear dance friend 💝
•  For the teachers and pro performers, inspiration for your classes and practice  🎶
  •  And just maybe... an extra expense to deduct from your 2021 taxes!! 👍 ✨

Check out these end-of-year specials!

All on-demand programs are a la carte, with the course materials available for you for *lifetime* access. I am now making some discounted coaching options available in conjunction with these programs as well, offering a chance to get personal feedback from me outside of a coaching series.

Which ones you should get?
Drop me an email, with your dance goals and interests, and I can advise you!

Not sure what you want in the GC, but you know you are going to want something in 2022, and you are maximizing your 2021 expenses?
Two more options for you:
--> Consider treating yourself to a video-feedback-coaching session with me, for specific, actionable feedback, tailored to you, based on a practice or performance video of yours. This is an investment in your process, and it may save you years in getting to where you want to be as a mover and performer.
--> Or, purchase a GC gift certificate to put towards coaching, courses, merchandise, a gift for yourself or for someone else, to use in 2022 or after!


Breathwork for Bellydance - normally $77, sale price $47  (Use the coupon code BREATHE2021 to save $30 off the usual rate of $77
Breathing is the secret ingredient to making your dance look effortless, connected, and, let's face it, facially relaxed! This program will get you breathing with confidence, making your dancing transitions smoother, and smoothing out your expression so you can truly connect, and look good while doing it. A game changer! This year, 2021, is the 25th anniversary of my Breathwork for Performance method - and the BFB program is a juicy introduction to my breathing approach for bellydance. Grab a big discount on Breathwork for Performance at the same time, if you want to really dig in (you'll see a pop-up offer after you purchase BFB).
Or use the coupon BREATHE2021WOW, and save $100 off of the longer Breathwork for Performance program.

BALADI FROM THE GROUND UP - where it all began, for my online series, filmed December 23, 2016 - five years ago! Time flies! But this program doesn't get old, even though I have a fancier filming setup now than I did then. This foundational training applies not only to baladi but also Egyptian oriental dance (raqs sharqi), and it's important technique that goes well beyond the foundational material in my Baladi DVD. Save $5 on this short yet powerful program by end of 2021, with coupon BALADI5.

Lifetime access to EME program videos and materials, for a wonderfully creative immersion into classic Egyptian dance, with cultural and musical background, video commentary on famous dancers and their artistic contexts, detailed technique and rhythms breakdowns, and dance drills with music. Especially as it has become harder to find classic dance videos online of late, you'll appreciate this chance to revisit the classics for inspiration.

With each course in this series, we focus on a different famous Arabic song or instrumental piece, and explore it for technique, musicality, cultural context, and performance skills.

1. Egyptian Music Essentials: Bint al-Sultan - $47 in December - save $20 off January rates
A classic from the original king of shaabi, Ahmed Adaweia!

2. Egyptian Music Essentials: Leilat Hob - $47 in December - save $20 off January rates
Leilat Hob (Night of Love) was composed by Mohamed Abdel Wahab and sung by Oum Koulsoum. This piece was one of the celebrated collaborations between those two icons of Egyptian music, and this program explores it in depth.

3. Egyptian Music Essentials: Nebtedi (minein el hikaya) - $37 in December - save $20 off January rates
I focus on working with the main rhythm in this piece in romantic/lyrical and also rhythmic ways...and we have inspiration from Soheir Zaki to draw from!

4.  Egyptian Music Essentials: Raqset Kahramana - $37 in December - save $20 off January rates
Raqset Kahramana is a classic piece composed by Farid al-Atrache, and danced by Samia Gamal, in the film Afrita Hanem ("Genie Lady"). It's absolutely charming and funny, and the whole film is worth watching! Samia is at her lyrical best for this piece, and we break it all down!

5.  Egyptian Music Essentials: Raqset el Jamal   - $37 in December - save $20 off January rates
Raqset el-Jamal, "Dance of Beauty," was composed by the great Farid al-Atrache, danced by Samia Gamal, and it's just a very lovely unassuming little piece.  Good for a short, low-key intro piece for a set, it also includes a taqasim in the middle.

Egyptian Music Essentials Bundle (all five EME courses) - $185 in December (will increase to $225 in January) Get a deal on this program - payment plan available too.     (*this was showing as sold-out but we have fixed it to be able to take orders again*)

Above are the sale prices till Dec. 30 - these rates give you lifetime access to the training content for these programs, and check for the special coaching options, including private, live video feedback or video feedback + follow-up live private coaching session - each with a special discount for course purchasers, whether you purchase just one course or the full bundle.

Maybe you have been thinking about trying coaching with me, but were unsure of where to start, or were looking for something more goal-oriented that you can still do on your own schedule.
Maybe you have already done coaching with me and want to dig in for a little more inspiration and feedback!
Or maybe you are just looking for something new (and still classic) to inspire you on your own time, with ongoing access for you to revisit and refer to, again and again.

Reach out with any questions, or for advice in choosing the best programs for your needs. I hope to see you in the GC soon!

Very happy holidays to you!

PS- Watch your inbox for details on these upcoming live programs in the GC, with registration opening soon.

Performance with Purpose
(short weeklong challenge, with inspiration for your performances, and a VIP option for extra coaching, in my signature, tailored-to-you, solo-within-group coaching format...January 2022)

Classic Orientale Intensive
(March-May 2022) Registration opens in January. Note: the Baladi Building Blocks (BBB) program is a prerequisite to signing up for Classic Orientale coaching; BBB will be available for a la carte purchase, with payment plans available, starting the last week of December.

Got questions? You can post them here, or email us at support@gingercity.com, or contact us via the chatbot at bottom right of the site. 

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