Acting for Dancers 2021 preview

You'll be able to sign up soon! I'll share the registration page as soon as we have it ready.  Please share your feedback so far on the programs, or ask questions, below in the comments. Click on any of these program images to open as full-size image. 

Comments on Acting for Dancers 2021 preview

  1. Ranya says:

    Please share your feedback so far on these programs…or ask your questions! I’m planning these programs as similar to the Performance with Purpose challenge (for those who did that one- but i should clarify: I mean in terms of short bite-sized videos that focus on a particular exercise or exercises – you will watch the videos on your own schedule but during the time frame ideally so you can benefit from the lively discussion and contribute your videos…) Also these programs will involve actual coaching feedback for each person, on the exercises you submit videos for.

  2. Marie says:

    I love everything. Also one regarding self confidence, self esteem. Those topics never get old. Many people are working on self love. Not to compare. Sadly, there is comparison in this art form when we should be looking within.

    1. Ranya says:

      Thanks Mayousse Marie! Thanks for adding the self esteem part. I will include some work on that in the first workshop, as part of the meditation component. There is material on that in Performance with Purpose but I’ll add an angle on that in this program too. I’d love to hear from you and others what you want on that, so I can best address it.

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