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I'm Ranya Renee, based in New York City, and I teach Egyptian dance (belly dance, baladi, Oriental dance, raqs sharqi...), slow-flow alignment-based yoga, and fitness for complex people with complex bodies (shout-out to hypermobile folks like me)! 

I'm also a performance coach for dancers, teachers and presenters. 

After spending my early years through university in theater and comedy, I began my professional dance career in 1993, and have been teaching and coaching since 1996.

The Ginger City is the online home for my Egyptian dance, body-mind, and performance skills programs.

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On Vulnerability, Intimacy, and Self-Protection in Performance - Facebook talk December 30, 12:00pm EST Check in your time zone


Flushing (Queens) YMCA

2:00-2:50pm Bellydance  

3:00-4:20pm Slow-flow Vinyasa Yoga 

138-46 Northern Blvd. Flushing, NY. Subway: #7 to Flushing-Main St.; LIRR to Flushing
Attend class with a Y day pass, or join the Y (citywide membership also available):


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Hi there! I'm Ranya Renée. Welcome to the Ginger City. These programs are for people who want to go deeper, to really "juice the orange"!!!
I believe creative movement is key to health and well-being, and I also like to go beyond the workout.

How can our bodies be a canvas for our lives?

How can we understand ourselves more deeply, support ourselves more deeply, and make sense of this human "journey of the body"?

In the Ginger City, I have tried to apply the benefits of technology to go deeper into material and make it available to movers all over the world. Like the spicy yet balancing ginger herb, I hope to provide you with science and spice for your physically present life. Go forth, and enjoy!  

Ranya Renée &
the Ginger City

Enjoy the programs on any device, with lifetime access to course videos and materials, and a community discussion area for getting your questions answered and connecting with fellow movers! Whether you want to work on your own or in the company of others, there are a wealth of programs to choose from.

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Dance & Performance Private Coaching with Ranya Renée

Ranya Renee
Coaching with Ranya Renee

Get information about coaching! Learn about my coaching methods and philosophy. You can get coaching from me on your dance technique, physicality, musicality, or performance skills (confidence, charisma, presence), or video feedback on a video you submit. 

Discovery call with Ranya Renee

(FREE) 20-30 minute call or Zoom session with me to discuss your coaching needs and determine whether working with me in private sessions or a group coaching series will be a good fit for your needs and goals. For those new to coaching with me. Please read over the information about my coaching philosophy and methodology, at this link, and then sign up on my calendar by clicking the button below, for an appointment.

Sign up for Private or Semi-Private Coaching with Ranya Renee

Ready for coaching? Sign up for a private or semi-private, one-on-one (or one-on-two!) 1-hour online live coaching session with me about your dance technique, physicality, musicality, or performance skills (confidence, charisma, presence). 

After you purchase, you'll receive a link to set up for calendar appointment (you can stack appointments for additional time).

Video and audio recording of your session provided to you afterwards, as reference for you to keep and review.

Group Coaching Series with Ranya Renée

Baladi Coaching Series with Ranya Renee

Transform your baladi! Build your firm foundation and develop your movements and personality in baladi, whether you already have substantial Egyptian baladi experience or are new to the style. Enhance your baladi feeling, cultural and musical understanding through my popular group Baladi Coaching Series. 

If you love baladi, and care about progressing as a dancer and performer, you'll love the Baladi Coaching Series. Personalized coaching, tailored to you, in a shared environment with other committed dancers. Ranya's unique solo-within-group coaching experience will give you tools (and dance friendships) to last a lifetime, transforming your presence, confidence, musicality, and dance technique to reach a new level.

Acting for Dancers with Ranya Renee

Get info about my Acting for Dancers series, and its four component programs:
- Safe Space Onstage
- Sensory Celebration for Dancers
- Character in Performance
- Onstage Relationships Built in Air

Bring Your Best Performance Coaching Series with Ranya Renee

Join the next Bring Your Best series to take your dance performance to the next level. For committed dancers of all levels of experience, who want to truly bring their best and BE the best they can be onstage -- whether that stage is online or in-person, with your own choreography or confident improvisation.


on-demand and coaching/consulting

Moving It Online - for Movement Teachers

This program is an on-demand resource for teachers of dance, yoga, fitness and other movement modalities who want to start or improve their online teaching programs. Everything you need to think about (and apply!) in building your online programs. We cover the basics and more advanced settings of Zoom, as well as guidance for studio setup, equipment, bandwidth, how to protect your content and legal considerations. With recorded content and previous recorded Q&A sessions.

Moving It Online - for Movement Teachers: 
Targeted Consultation with Ranya

Private one-on-one consultation with Ranya over Zoom, with pre-session email exchange to make the most of our live meeting. Get advice on your in-person or online teaching, strategy, or marketing. Looking to solve a particular issue in your online-teaching setup? Want targeted advice on what to prioritize...or what equipment best fits your situation and budget? Need confidential advice on dealing with a "problem student"? Schedule your session to get clarity and get moving! (Stack appointments for longer or additional sessions)

Plan Your Teaching, Plan Your Marketing

For Teachers: Link your workshop and class series planning to the marketing of those programs, coming in 2023

Promote yourself and your teaching

Promoting your workshops and programs is key to getting students. But what happens when things get in your way? Like self-doubt, not enough of a following, or just plain feeling tired. This 1.5-hour program has answers for you! Recorded from the live workshop.


Performance with Purpose

Challenge to get the new year off to a good start, towards your performance goals and how you show up in the world!

What is your performance purpose?
And how will you step up and be present for it?
Short video trainings & exercises on-demand, with live meetings for each annual run (around the beginning of the new year!).

VIP coaching option available as well. Join us! (next live run early January, with early join option in December)

Breathwork for Performance

Ranya's signature program in stage presence training for dancers. The comprehensive BFP method was created by Ranya in 1996 to apply breathing in a focused way to physical and performance technique, and has provided the "secret sauce" for thousands of dancers and other performers to develop stage presence, charisma, and confidence.

Nerd Clinic: Perceptual & Cognitive Factors in Performance

Indulge your inner dance nerd with this scholarly and practical two-part workshop for dancers, centered on performer confidence and the evaluative processes of their audiences. The way people’s brains work affects their impressions of a performance -- something worth considering in creating choreographed and improvisational work. We’ll address concepts of “top-down” vs. “bottom-up” influences on sensory perception; “feedback loops” in the cognitive process; and how preconceptions and preconscious processes can trigger unconscious evaluations in performers and audiences. Gain a better understanding how you may be seen by your audiences, and a “cognitive checklist” to apply to your creative work, to enhance your chances of making a great impression.

Raise Your Stage Presence

Theory and practice on expanding your stage presence in the world and in performance! Lecture & discussion format with worksheet so you can begin applying inner and outer confidence and presentation skills right away. 

Map Your Music!

For dancers, music mapping is an important part of connecting with the soundtrack of your performance. This program covers multiple approaches to music mapping, from working with the rhythms and melodies to developing imagery, storyline, and narrative arc, to make your piece more powerful and compelling. Includes a bonus guest interview with Egyptian composer and musician Dr. George Dimitri Sawa. 

Performance Psychology Bundle

This special package gives you lifetime access to three key programs on  performance skills that will help you to increase your onstage charisma and presence, with a healthy dose of geekery as background for your learning and development! Ranya's Nerd Clinic: Perceptual & Cognitive Factors in Performance gets at the underlying cognitive psychology and neuroscience of perception and attention that affect the way our audiences receive our performances, and what we as performers can do to succeed in light of that. Raise Your Stage Presence carries this further to the social realm, and what "mindset" approaches can help us in self-strengthening and audience outreach. Work the Stage puts it into practice with physical techniques and strategies we can use to build onstage relationships and actively "own the stage" in our performances. Payment plan available.

Breathwork for Bellydance

Are you breathing optimally for your bellydance technique?
Suffering from “resting bitch face”?
Could your stage presence use a lift? 

Do you want to connect better with your music? With an audience?

By applying simple breathing to your movements and steps in your practice and in performance, you can gain more confidence, power, and flow in your dancing, and connect better in the moment with your music, space, and audience, in improvisation or choreography. 

Work the Stage!

Learn powerful techniques for working with your space and your audience, no matter what kind of stage you are performing on. Putting your attention towards your use of the space, awareness of body line, and how to manage the invisible lines of energy between you and your audience... you'll learn practical tools for creating floor patterns and choreography, as well as how to set your piece with a connection to the audience (and to the band if you are working with live musicians). I will break down how you can change the way you set your piece appropriately for theater stage (raised or not raised), or restaurant/club, or even less formal settings. 

Performance Skills for Dancers Bundle 

This special package gives you lifetime access to all five key programs on performance skills that go from the inner psychology of performance to applying it for your dance: Included are the course from the Performance Psychology Bundle Nerd Clinic: Perceptual & Cognitive Factors in PerformanceRaise Your Stage PresenceWork the Stage as well as the comprehensive Breathwork for Performance program to apply breathing to your performance practice for greater self-confidence and audience connection, and Map Your Music, for creative approaches to using your music onstage, with practical tips for music analysis, mapping, and applying imagery as well as narrative arc as expressed in the music. Payment plan available.

Baladi from the Ground Up

Great Egyptian home-style baladi starts from feet on the ground, and this 2-hour program will help you build your own baladi, going deeper into the physical exploration of your own body. It's a strong technique foundation that applies not just to baladi but to Egyptian oriental dance (raqs sharqi) as well.

 Baladi Building Blocks

This program presents baladi with fresh new trainings that you have not seen before - guaranteed! (Unless you were in BCS4 2021-2022, that is, when this program premiered). It may substantially change your approach to baladi, even if you have been dancing it for a long time, and even if you have Ranya's Baladi DVD and other programs.

Egyptian Music Essentials: Nebtedi (minein el hikaya)

This program for oriental dancers showcases the Mohamed Abdel Wahab composition “Nebtedi (Minein El Hikaya)." We explore the cultural and musical background of the piece, and how the legendary dancer Soheir Zaki interpreted this piece through her musicality and sophisticated, challenging technique across different performances.

Egyptian Music Essentials: 
Leilat Hob

Explore classic oriental dance steps to the Mohamed Abdel Wahab/Oum Koulsoum classic, Leilat Hob ("Night of Love"). In this program we explore versions of the lilting and dramatic instrumental introduction of the song (the muqaddimah), in versions danced by the famous Soheir Zaki and Dina.  In this program, we work with my "Organically Grown Egyptian Oriental" approach, exploring continuity of the melody and rhythms in the dancing. From here, we explore how you can bring your own creativity to interpreting this music.

Egyptian Music Essentials: Bint al-Sultan

A classic from the original king of shaabi, Ahmed Adaweia! For those who love Egyptian oriental dance and baladi... Take a deep dive into old-school shaabi with this program, dancing to this popular song. 

Shimmy and Drum Bundle 

This special package gives you lifetime access to the popular programs Shimmy Clinic (which offers techniques and drilling for modern Egyptian shimmy as well as classic old-school shimmy), and Dynamic Drum Solo (Ranya's "riff-framing" technique for making even an improvised drum solo look strong)

Baladi Salon Series

One of the GC's most popular, this 4-part program offers 9 hours of in-depth technique instruction, dance drills to music, and cultural details to fill your baladi practice with inspiration from four classic Egyptian dancers: Tahia Carioca, Soheir Zaki, Fifi Abdou, and Mona el-Said.

Baladi Music Analysis

Do you find Egyptian baladi music hard to predict? Or just want to know more about the nuances of baladi music at a deeper level? Learn how to analyze baladi music recordings - what context it was recorded in, recognizing different sections, and behind-the-scenes secrets on how musicians communicate with each other while playing.

Baladi Talks Series with Ranya & Tarik Sultan

We are adding this to our upcoming schedule.

Egyptian Music Essentials Bundle

This special package gives you lifetime access to the five main programs of Egyptian Music Essentials. Each EME program takes a deep dive into a famous Egyptian music piece, examining lyrics and music analysis, as well as studying the dance approaches of legendary Egyptian dancers to each of these classic pieces. With technique breakdowns and dance drills.

Egyptian Music Essentials: 
Raqset el-Jamal

Raqset el-Jamal, "Dance of Beauty," was composed by the great Farid al-Atrache, danced by Samia Gamal, is a lovely little piece. Good for a short gentle opening piece for a classic vintage dance set, it also includes a taqasim in the middle where you can shimmy to your heart's content! 

Elegant Veil Through Stretching 

You'll learn Ranya's effective "T-stretch" concept for veil, working with stretch in the body and the natural aerodynamics of your veil to gain greater control and a more beautiful, clear line. Tips that work for veils of different weights and fabrics, from silk to polyester chiffon or net fabric. It's a great stretch workout for your muscles and so compelling in performance!


...for Confident, Organic Egyptian Dance Improvisation. This short program gives you a new way to approach improvisation, standing firm on the ground beneath your feet, and able to flow more freely and confidently. Recorded from a live workshop and now available on-demand.

Breathwork & Baladi

A short, accessible program of 42 minutes to get you breathing well for Egyptian dance, both baladi and oriental style (raqs sharqi)! Ranya goes over applied breathwork for the different types of music and energy of the Egyptian taqasim baladi - sometimes known as a "baladi progression," to stay confident and relaxed through the different rhythms.... a practical way to make sure you are breathing to enhance Egyptian dance movement and the energy of each rhythmic section.

Egyptian Music Essentials: 
Raqset Kahramana

Raqset Kahramana is a classic piece composed by Farid al-Atrache, and danced by Samia Gamal in the film Afrita Hanem ("Genie Lady"), which stars both of them. A must-watch and must-dance for any Golden Era dance enthusiast. This program covers Samia’s lyrical technique and musicality, so that you can apply her signature movements to your own personal dance style.

Shimmy Clinic

This Shimmy Clinic program includes highlight exercises I've taught around the world.  Focusing on shimmies using legs and hips (including the "old-school" lower-back shimmy as well as the more modern leg/knee generated shimmies), I go over shimmy mechanics with warmup, stretching, technique... and also how to practice in a "weird" way that pays off in being able to work your shimmy in different positions for standing and traveling. 

Belly Dance Skills Bundle 

This special package gives you lifetime access to three programs that will rejuvenate your approach to these key bellydance skills areas: Shimmy Clinic (which offers techniques and drilling for modern Egyptian shimmy as well as classic old-school shimmy), Dynamic Drum Solo (Ranya's "riff-framing" technique for making even an improvised drum solo look strong), and Elegant Veil Through Stretching (a creative approach to using muscular stretch to enhance your veilwork).

Dynamic Drum Solo

In this course you'll learn some specific techniques to help you improvise a drum solo. I prefer to improvise drum solos because it gives the performance a fresh feeling.  However, these techniques can be applied to a choreography as well.  We'll work with two drum solos by Amir Sofi: "Apex (Solo Darbuka)" and "Talk to Me (Solo Percussion)" from the album Raksa with Amir: Music for Bellydance.

Body Love -  Say Hello to Your Body

Body Love: Pelvic Floor Anatomy & Dance Applications

with Ranya & special guest Alyce Adams, RN (aka the "Kegel Queen")
Alyce is a specialist in pelvic floor health and teaches women of all ages how to derive the benefits of Kegel exercises for lasting pelvic tone and well-being. Alyce is one of Ranya's closest friends from her hometown, going back to 7th grade!

Body Love: Hip Structure, Alignment & Mobility

with Ranya & special guest Nabila Nazem
Geeky analysis of hip anatomy and movement from two experienced dance teachers with very different hip structures. Comparison of x-rays and hip mechanics, along with practical demonstration of differences in bellydance technique for dancers with different kinds of hips. Nabila is a ballet and bellydance veteran and an inspiring example of a successful double-hip replacement and the daughter of pioneering bodyworker Lauren Berry, the founder of the Berry Method.

Body Love: Neck Safety & Expression

with Ranya Renee
Keep your neck safe and happy in your dance and movement, with these tried and tested muscular support techniques. Especially important for dancers and movers with joint hypermobility or neck weakness, guidance for approaching movement taking both safety and freedom into consideration.

Body Love Bundle 

This special package gives you lifetime access to the four main programs of Body Love. Each course takes a focused approach to a particular body part or body "issue", with tips to work with it in a safer, more empowered way. With special guests Nabila Nazem, Alyssum Pohl, and Alyce Adams, RN.

Body Love: Bellydance Tips for Joint Hypermobility

with Ranya & special guest Alyssum Pohl Foot-to-head advice from two experienced teachers for greater safety in your dance if you are hypermobile, and tips for teachers who have students with joint hypermobility, which is a spectrum of conditions that is more common that you might think, especially in the bellydance world. Alyssum Pohl is a former contortionist, bellydancer, public speaker and coach.

Baladi DVD (2-DVD set)

This acclaimed instructional video has all you need to dig deep into the Egyptian taqasim baladi! Detailed instruction on Egyptian baladi style, and extensive dance drills with music, all easy to access to tailor your baladi practice. THe program includes demonstrations and performance with Arab musicians, including respected accordionist Nabawy, a Cairo native who played in the bands of Fifi Abdou and Samia Gamal. The DVD has more functionality than getting the video by stream, and it's yours forever! DVD can be autographed and dedicated for you, and will be shipped from Ranya's New York studio. You also get access to the Ginger City discussion forum to ask questions, with purchase of the DVD on this site.

3-DVD package

All THREE of Ranya's educational DVDs on Egyptian oriental dance & improvisation skills! The Baladi 2-DVD set, Modern Oriental, and Bellydance Taqasim.
The DVDs can be autographed and dedicated for you, and will be shipped from Ranya's New York studio. Save on shipping by purchasing all three together. You also get access to the Ginger City discussion forum to ask questions, with purchase of the DVD on this site.

Bellydance Taqasim DVD

All you need to know about the art of taqasim - solo instrumental improvisation, from the dancer's perspective. Three hours of satisfying dance drills and helpful guidance for improvisation, as well as rich explanation of how Arabic melodies work. Taqasim is the basis for all Arabic musical improvisation. This program will leave you feeling more confident in your listening skills as well as in your movement vocabulary and creative experession for taqasim. The DVD can be autographed and dedicated for you, and will be shipped from Ranya's New York studio. You also get access to the Ginger City discussion forum to ask questions, with purchase of the DVD on this site. 

Modern Oriental DVD

The Bellydance Egyptian Style: Modern Oriental DVD covers basic and more advanced modern Egyptian oriental style dance, through technique and drills culminating in a choreography. The choreo has two versions, to guide beginner dancers in this style and to challenges more experienced dancers. With detailed technique and musical breakdowns!
The DVD can be autographed and dedicated for you, and will be shipped from Ranya's New York studio. You also get access to the Ginger City discussion forum to ask questions, with purchase of the DVD on this site.


“Thank you for sharing all of your expertise. The content is very useful and unique. A game changer!” – Heidi Martin, France

“I have known Ranya for a number of years. After taking her Nerd Clinic course in the Belly Dance Bundle, I decided to join Ginger City. She has offered a wealth of information across a broad number of topics over the course of a year, and I am in for the long haul.” – Jo Anne Zingo aka Zada, Kansas, USA

“I am more than excited to be Ranya’s student again, in person or online. She is simply one of the best!” – Jennifer Peng, New York, USA

“I'm thankful for this opportunity to continue studying with Ranya! The website is a great resource for dancers who care about not only about technique, but also about history, protocols, and dancing with cultural respect.” – Holly Pattison, British Columbia, Canada

"Ranya is an incredible performer and consummate intellectual. It is the combination of these, along with her empathetic nature and talent for educating others that makes her online programs unique and beneficial to individuals studying dance at all levels. Within the membership, there are a wealth of programs to choose from, sure to suit any dancer's needs. And the impact of these programs goes far beyond dance technique! I plan on studying with Ranya online and in-person for years to come." – Farah Rose Smith, New York City

“LOVE LOVE LOVE!” – Cali Kartz, British Columbia, Canada

“Love the courses and the drilling particularly to the different music pieces.” – Dawn Beeker

”Thank you! Navigating around to sections among the wide variety of course types is great, an amazing resource.” – Tiffany R.A. Straza

"I love Ranya‘s mix of humour and seriousness. She is such a wonderful translator for us westeners, be it dance, music or culture. I really enjoyed the great comments on the film „Taht El Shebak“ in the Baladi Series."  –Simone Gayler, Switzerland

“A treasure trove of Egyptian dance that is second to none” – Alexandra Rederer, Germany

“Ranya is a fabulous teacher with a nearly encyclopedic knowledge of the Dance. She is able to help you unearth elements of your own personality and style through a supportive, instructive and compassionate teaching style. If you are looking to develop your understanding of the dance, the music, the culture, regardless of your experience and skill level, Ranya will gently guide you through the process of becoming the best dancer you can be.” – Chani, California

“Ranya is great, and the Egyptian Music Essentials courses are great for someone who loves classic pieces!” – Tammy Williams

“Ranya Renee is very dedicated to helping you achieve understanding of the culture, music and dance. Also she has a keen eye to help you become the best dance version of you.” – Jahara (Jennifer LeBlond), Oklahoma, USA

“Thanks for the excellent instruction!” – Azura (Barbara Tomporowski)

“I´m so happy to dance with you Ranya! I love to watch dance videos with your comments. I learned a lot! I really appreciate your historical and cultural comments as well as when you explain Arabic words and lyrics.” – Tatiana Sundstrom

“I love baladi! I was so excited when I found Ranya’s dvd years ago and then I had a chance to take a workshop with her. I really appreciate having the opportunity to be part of the Ginger City community to continue learning and growing as a dancer. Thank you Ranya!” – Claudia

“Love you and so happy to be joining you for LIFE!” – Tamara Dewar, British Columbia, Canada

“I truly, absolutely enjoyed the Baladi series -- it is very informative and would love to refer to it more often.” – Su Von Mazo, Arizona, USA

“I love Ranya's knowledge about Baladi and all Egyptian dances and her ability to share her knowledge.” – Pauline Caux, Québec, Canada

“I love how thorough Ranya is in her explanations. The courses are wonderfully informative.” – Tracy Webb

“The most useful course for me to stay in touch with bellydance and baladi.” – Kirsty Hatton

“GC courses provide solid foundational information and technique. There is something here for everyone!” – Alison Gingras

“Thank you for providing information that is difficult to find elsewhere.” – Suzy Martin

“I love the depth you go into with the movements of baladi and the Golden Era dancers and period.” – Kerry Stewart, Australia

“So much to learn from the courses, Ranya is an excellent teacher! She breaks down moves and concepts with ease. Thank you!!” – Alejandra Gutierrez, Ohio, USA


Dancer, teacher, and editor of Bellydance Oasis magazine
Perth, Australia

"Ranya’s material is informative and inspirational"

I have learnt a great deal from Ranya's analysis and movement breakdown. Her studies in yoga, Pilates and neuropsychology enhance her gift for teaching in an approachable way. Ranya’s depth of knowledge of Egyptian dance and baladi, in particular, is unparalleled. She brings to teaching her experience performing internationally, her research and work with key Egyptian artists such as Mona Said, Nelly Fouad and Nany and musicians such as Nabawy, who played in Samia Gamal’s band and for Fifi Abdu.

I also enjoy Ranya’s Facebook live chats, interviews and Q&A sessions. I highly recommend working with Ranya. She has a lot to offer as a teacher and mentor; not only is Ranya incredibly knowledgeable, she is warm, open and great fun.

Penny TING

Dancer, teacher

Kaohsiung, Taiwan

"The GC programs are 100% worth the investment"

I feel grateful for Ranya's Bring Your Best coaching series, and I am very happy that I have registered for this course, a very different learning experience.  

As soon as you get in the course, you'll find a treasure box that you never discovered before. Ranya applies her unique training to different levels of dancers, so no matter which level you're at, she will give you specific comments that just made for you. So there's no competitiveness or worries, just to focus on personal progress. 

Ranya's breathing technique and the imagery training (painting the room, creating characters, etc.) are also amazing. I've tried to implement these ideas in my different dance pieces and I do find they work very well.  This course also helped my teaching, that now I can teach others those techniques and have students go deeper into the meaning of the dance. 

The other Ginger City programs are also awesome to participate in, I've taken Baladi Salon Series before, and Ranya offered so many materials in a single program.  


Dancer, teacher

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

"Ranya is a master instructor"

Ranya's wealth of knowledge is uncommon and she delivers her unique message in a variety of ways which make understanding the method abundantly clear.   

Ranya’s teaching involves dance movement, body mechanics, and musicality, but extends further to context, history, culture, theatre and comedy.  She is extremely funny! The online meeting environment is safe and supportive and one can make friends for a lifetime.   

The Baladi Coaching, Bring Your Best and Breathwork for Performance series were invaluable experiences for me.  The challenges were many, as were the rewards.  These courses are for any dancer who is ready to excel towards more intelligent, confident, and exquisite performances.   

Forever, thank-you, Ranya!  

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